I need to troubleshoot my modded server

Game mode: [Online, Modded]
Type of issue: [I think there’s some kind of mod incompatibility crashing my server every few hours]
Server type: [PVP]
Region: [AU]

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, I can’t find where else, but I need to figure out what’s crashing my server and I don’t know how to read the logs, can someone pinpoint this for me?

This is the modlist;



And this is the log;

gofile (.) io/d/vlyprQ

Thanks in advance

Any help on this? I literally just need someone who knows how to read log files to tell me what’s wrong

I don’t know about logfiles (hopefully someone else can help you there) - but if that modlist is your current order I can see a couple of problems immediately - Pippi needs to be higher in the list, while LBPR needs to be much lower. - see this from LBPR workshop page for more info:

Less Building Placement Restrictions Load Order

Here is a list of my mods related to Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR), as well as best spots to place other mods, and what their load order should look like.

    Any mod that modifies or creates new buildings, placeables, pets, or thralls.
    Pythagoras mods
    LBPR - Additional Features
    LBPR - Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix
    Builder's Workbench Reborn
    Pickup + or Unlock Plus with Pickup

Ah alright, thanks for that, I did need to know more about mod load orders, I didn’t know the exact orders those were to go in so I was kinda guessing. At the moment we’re just removing and adding mods to figure out what causes what problems, but a better load order should definitely fix it. thanksthanks<3

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Have all the mods been updated on steam since the last game update??? ONE not updated mod can make it so your server will not start.

*Bark_ByProduct.pak has not been updated to the new game files was last updated on Update: 18 Jan @ 11:39am

You should go though your whole list and remove any mods that were not updated since the bench update if I were you, you will find one of those mods is stopping your server from running.


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