I noticed some Mechs in the battles, how much sci-fi type interactions such as those occur?

I like all the sci-fi aspects. Do you have bots to control?

Also, how long does the average fight take and how many gameplay hours?

There are skills specifically aimed at damaging mechs, though I didn’t see enough to warrant picking them in the demo. I would guess that there will be more in the main game, but I have no idea.

Battles took me about 20-40 minutes in the demo, and my first run took me close to 7 or 8 hours, but I play on hardest, search for everything and take my time.
I didn’t do any upgrades on my first run, as I thought I wasn’t meant to return to The Ark 'till I’d found Hammond. I imagine that slowed me down too.

Someone said they finished it in 1-2 hours, so they must have been spending mere minutes in each fight, though I find it hard to believe it was at a high difficulty or with iron man.

I think devs said only about 20 hours, so Imagine playing my style you could drag it out to maybe 40, playing faster/easier probably as little as 10.

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The devs have estimated about 15-20 hours depending on your skill and difficulty level. :slight_smile: You don’t control any robots, but there are plenty of robots for you to fight. Both big and small