I played on Testlive

I played on Testlive. Excellent fighting system, excellent armor, and many new features. But NPCs are very weak and stupid, climb a mountain and with a bow you can kill any NPC. Tigers do not know how to jump from rocks 2 meters. NPC people do not try to deceive or pinch you, they just try to catch up with everything. They are all very weak, I can kill the keeper of the keys and any animal at the 1st level. Players are still trying to build on the sublimity and they can not really zareidit without gods. Almost everything is good Funcom left just chuchut. The spears are still OP.
P.S I like that I can deal damage with stone weapons with a structure, I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, and I was glad to see it. Although a little damage but still it’s nice. It was funny when only with steel weapons we could take down T1. Thank you for this.


To be fair, archers have been popular throughout history (and now snipers) due to the simple fact that it’s not easy reaching a target high up. In addition, I cannot forsee alligators and hyenas climbing rocks to reach an archer.

That said, I do agree that humanoids should be able to climb and certain NPCs should have the AI to jump reasonable distances. While I cannot see a rhino jumping across a 1-meter drop, a tiger certainly could. Neither could climb a rock, however.

Well… large cats are extreme predators, Tigers especially, they can jump at adult elephants back and kill its rider, this should be apax solo predator of Conan Exiles. Large cats should be really rare in this game, but much more dangerous, something like Elephants or so… (but less HP :grin:)


Give every NPC a bow, so they swap to it when if they are getting hit by arrows.
Make all monsters if they can not calculate a clear path to the player, they run away.
Nerf the Pike (I can kill almost any boss with just a Pike and no armor)
Remove Orbs from the loot tables (make them crafting only)
Remove skeleton keys from the game. Having 100+ keys before level 40 means all the players get to L60 are just running from chest to chest to get the insane number of legendary items. No one make weapons or shields anymore cause the legendary drops are so common!

Or at least give me server settings so I can do the above! (We need a new dev kit released so we can ‘help’ balance the game)

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“climb a mountain and wtih a bow you can kill any NPC”

Maybe if you have 2 days and 400 arrows because archery f*cking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

Use a pike and be naken, you can kill anything and nothing can hit you (besides an archer) due to the insane reach of the pike. The new combat means everything is super easy mode and some of the feats mean you can loot EVERYTHING in a base and just walk away with it. Orbs drop so common. Raiding max level players bases at L10 and naken…its stupidly easy. Why make a base when you can just solo anyone else with the 100+ orb you got from killing a few camps.

Boss Black Rino…took a while due its HP but soloed it at L10 with a pike…Now 50 more levels before I can use the skeleton key it dropped.

I built a hunting stand in Savannah and killed elephants with hunting bow and set arrows. Poison helps. :slightly_smiling_face:. Also, elephants just standing there because they know not what to do helps… though one elephant charged my hunting stand. It was only tier 1. I was hoping he would keep charging and trash the stand to grind me under foot, but then he just stopped and tried to walk away. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Shame there is no AI for NPC or creatures…The new combat is cool, but if the AI is still just as stupid…No real skill needed. If the AI can’t hit you, they should run away.

The only real combat is PVP, and with everyone doing 40 Str, 40 Vility, 20 Grit builds, its just who ever runs out of healing potions first. :frowning:


Maybe nerf ‘skeleton key’ drops to something like once every 20 hours of real life time. That way, its something that accumulates daily, but not in huge amounts.

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