I Purchased an Item by Mistake!



Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you may find that you’ve purchased the wrong weapon and now all of your tokens are gone! This is a situation that Funcom Customer Service is equipped to help with most of the time.

Petition Quickly

GMs can only assist with mistaken purchases if the petition is written within 72 hours of the purchase. Any Potions or Caches purchased must not have been used in order to receive a refund. There are potentially extenuating circumstances that we can work around, but those will require an email through help.funcom.com to have the situation reviewed.

Provide All Helpful Information!

Provide the exact name of the item you’re hoping to have refunded. Include approximately when you purchased the item. Include how much it was if you remember. All of this information will help the GM who receives your ticket and help us to help you faster.

Some Items Can’t Be Refunded

It’s not fun to talk about, but there are some things we do not allow refunds for. We do not refund the purchase of any Weapon Pages or Sprint Speed upgrades. We do not refund Active or Passive Ability Purchases. We do not refund any Exchange Transactions.

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