I really Liked the Halloween Event



A week of stumbling around in the dark and doing nothing but harvesting meteors was butt boring. Mrs Jones didnt play for most of the week, could not see. Getting two greater rocknoses was fun. Having king scorp lured to my compound and the rocknoses kilt was not.

Yeah the 40 cupboard full was the only thing worth the darkness. Now we can get back to exploring and such.


Your post validated my point. You don’t want so many keys and are willing to drop them to the ground, but you don’t want anyone other to have the keys either. The balance is not off as a player only needs one key to gain a legendary weapon. Having 100 legendary weapons does not make a player stronger than the soul that has only one since only one weapon can be used at a time.


I can kill them, it only takes too much time.


I’m pretty sure you can quik swap and use multiple weapons. And dual wield them legendary Spears. Psssht I don’t care anymore anyways funcom did this game zero justice just like age of Conan and anarchy online. This will be my last product I ever purchase from them.


Even if one can swap, they can only play with one weapon at a time. I am meaning having ten legendary weapons in the inventory is not going to make a character stronger in a fight.


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