I Really Think Conan Exiles Could Benefit From Land Claim

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out various “Official” PvE servers. I have been appalled at the rampant over-building that seems to plague every official server I’ve been on. People build huge, city sized bases that block off common pathways as well as removing resource and npc/monster/animal spawns.

One way around this would be to limit each player to 1 “land claim” block or flag. The land claim would have a set radius that the player could build in. The player could build as much or as little as they wanted within the land claim boundaries. So the if the player wanted to build a tower they could build that tower as high as they wanted but only within the boundaries of their land claim.

A 1 per player limit would also add to the advantage of joining a clan on MP servers. Clan members could then have access to multiple base locations wherever clan members decided to build. The bigger the clan, the more bases around the map.

As it is now it would seem to me that most players cannot control their desire to treat Conan Exiles like it’s a city sim or builder. It’s a very sad thing for me to see. I wish Funcom would address the situation with a fix. I also think the land claim idea is a good one. It would help out against over-loading servers with rampant building.

Sorry for my rant but I’m really exasperated with the sad state of official servers.


They could actually implement a land claim banner and a land claim block. The banner would have a smaller radius than the block. This would allow players the ability to move their base at any point in the game that moving was desired. Plus the land claim block could act as a keystone. Once the land claim block was/is removed all thrall within the building radius would have their bond broken and all building (blocks, tiles, benches, etc.) would be removed or destroyed. This would help keep each server “cleaner” if players would/could clean up their mess before quitting said server. The building radius limit would also help to minimize trivializing purge by building a huge base that the purge has no hope of destroying.


Never said you couldn’t. You seem pleasant.


Since 3.0 there has been a Message of the Day that pops up when you join an official server that directs to the rules.

The hope is of course that all players new and old will follow this direction and read them. Then follow them.

However, there is a mix going on. Old players playing old ways; the ToC has only seen a revamp for the past year with heavy enforcement of reporting and many bases, sometimes years old still persist. Then there are new players that might or might not have read the ToC as directed.

I’m going to explain the following: there is no way that Funcom deals with building violations real or imagined without a report.

There is no automatic system implemented to prevent ToC violations. Funcom has not communicated that they intend on acting on any possible way to do this.

So the official recourse is to take screenshots and report through Zendesk.

The heavier enforcement, the vague ToC and inconsistent way the team over at Zendesk have exercised this method has effectively created an exodus of players on official servers, a portion even leaving the game entirely.

And while I can appreciate the need for enforcement I say you should do this with much caution as the result is a suspension, admin wipe of the offending base and then very confused and upset players.

The unofficial recourse is to have conversations with your fellow server mates, talk to them, tell them about the ToC and that their builds may be in violation.

You do have options and while I don’t agree with “just go to private”, using Zendesk can feel satisfying in the way that you get rid of the problem but yet then you also become the problem of which has been coined “report meta”.


I will probably just go back to SP.

I think an automated enforcement code could be a good idea.

Thanks for the reply @Kikigirl.

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There is no problem with Land Claim. There is a problem with stupid persons.
You can build a base the size you want, as long as you don’t block important paths and/or unique spawns.

I know a guy who built 2 city-size base and they are totally ok, as they don’t block anything.

Another clan have 4 big bases that, again, don’t block anything.

Another clan have 2 big bases and dozen of small ones (with teleport pads and map rooms) which, other than non-blocking anything, are damn useful for everyone.

Me, myself, have a small citadel (1 palace and walls/towers around) which occupy little space on map and doesn’t block anything.

You may yell at Land Claim, but the real problem are PEOPLE.
There are guys who build well respecting other players while playing their game, and guys who think the server is their private playground.

The first ones are ok, the second ones are better banned.


I still don’t get it - why PURGES don’t take them down?
It is designed to take down un-guarded over-buildings no?


@JohnnyWylder Same here. Had an arena and a small village on a far corner of the map close to the green barrier, where was no resources or spawns, and get admin wiped and suspended for being reported by the most hated troll on the server and his frineds. And had to endure heavy harassment after i returned to the server. Actually any building cause lag, big or small. The wipe of my base had 0 effect on the server performance, and served only to feed the pride of that who think they are the alphas in the server (wich is a pve-c LoL). They gathered togheter to report me, and it was directed only to me because there are other humongous bases on the server that still there for years.


You can control the purge in some aspects. And in the south of noob river ther is no purge


Not how it works at all. You have to be VERY active to trigger a purge, especially as a solo player.

I give an emphatic no to the idea of limiting land claim or building with a hard limit. Current report system is sorta fine, though easily abused. Personally, I’ll call you out in game but I’m not going to report anyone. If I don’t like a certain server it’s my responsibility to find one that suits me.

Part of the current issue is we have had summer decay timers active for much longer than normal in addition to the increased player activity with release of sorcery.


I know, sometimes they got disattracted, sometimes they got stuck. They should be fixed.

What I am suggesting is Purges should come more often the more land you claim.
They should flood big cities every night and from all directions.
They should out-number you as much as you out-taken lands you don’t need.
Without your whole clan present, they will break defense easily.
And they bring trebuchets too!
They give up when they think you are good in your tiny little chapel.

That way people will reconsider building oversized bases.


Something FC did in agust, worsened server performance a lot on the servers. I ever player at 80-90 ping not matter how many players in, after they called a maintainance to change servers ip the server was messed up and worsened with 3.0 launch. I was able to run the game on ultra, but now i had to lower some settings specially textures, that i had to set low or medium to save from fps drop, and the ping on server still over 120 even with less players and near 500 with around 20 players.

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It would be cool. Personally i agree with the idea of a claim flag/block too, o played a game where the claim system works like it. As free player you got a certian area to claim as subscriber you got more area, and you could buy more area with cash to, it on pve areas and in pvp areas you could take a big areas and pay upkeep for it with in game currency hard farmed, or with cash too. It worked pretty well.

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Unfortunately, no, it’s not. In the dev stream from December 2019, Alex explained that the design goal for the purge was to challenge players, to give them meaningful content, and a use for their buildings.


Although it would be rather cool if decay timers did a purge like event while your were offline (and outside normal purge window so it’s not killing the server) ever 4 days and getting progressively more difficult until you log in and reset the timer.

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A very kind member actually!
@CodeMage said something about flag system long ago!
I said about building levels that would help admins in privates too! Others are “fighting” for building pieces limit! The point is that we kinda knew that this mess will happen in official servers! From the one side it’s good, because the sorcery update brought back people, “The servers are empty no more”, but this (unfortunately) goes with the mess that you, me, everyone here sees! I am about to start searching for private server vanilla on Playstation, especially in my console, if your base is a bit full you crush every 5 minutes! Today I started a surge, I crushed more than ten times, I had to remove bracelet each time I was logging in because my toon was rubberbunding and I took bu… t from the Surge :angry:. It was “all this for nothing” :confused:. Every single shrine in Siptah has huge builds with hundreds of thralls, how is it possible not to crush :man_shrugging:? Every corner of Siptah now is builded. People DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE situations and I guess they never will. If everyone builds for him self, enclosing teleport stones, then before we know it we will have mushroom builds all around the map… Too many problems… I am thinking of leaving officials for good, it just doesn’t worth it m8.


My Official server is overrun with huge builds since 3.0, and I have actually reported two clans that just spammed everywhere, but for the most part, if someone builds an awesome castle, even though it may be subject to land claim abuse, I will not report it. If I see t1 spam all over the place, then yes, I will report that.


Wouldn’t said “city sized base” be a violation under “land claim spam” which is listed as a category on zendesk?

I have a feeling that if zendesk had a look they might have a problem with that. Zendesk are not just shutting down bases based on resource blocking alone.

Taking up too much real estate is also a thing.

Be careful.

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The number of buildings is only one part of the problem. As discussed by others, the location and the nature of said buildings can also be problematic.

Even a small building at a key location can block content. This, of course, is covered by the ToS and gets blown up by an admin.

But what about a tall tower with a small footprint, built in the middle of nowhere, that is filled to the brim with placeables? It still has an impact on server performance.


No, I wouldn’t say that as long as we don’t have WRITTEN RULES with PRECISE SIZES about that.
Tell us how much land a base can claim and then, if one goes beyond, it is a problem.

As long as we don’t have measures, everything is up to the user. For one guy, city-size is a base that occupy and entire biome, for another it could be a 20 x 20 foundations wide base.

Also, if this “city-size” base is set in a place where it doesn’t bother anyone, what’s the problem with that ?

ALSO, I’d like to point out that a lot of buildings are NEEDLESSY BIG (such as Map Room and Wheel of Pain). Devs should start by reducing the size of those things, before yelling at people claiming too much space.

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