I say goodbye to you

Hello everyone, firstly I want to thank you for how much you have endured my acid comments, this is a goodbye I leave the game I do not know if for always or for a break.

Conan exile gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and gave me very good moments especially during the quarantine.

Nowadays it does not give me the quality of the game that I expected and that is why I have made the decision to leave it, this is a personal opinion and not a generalized one.

With this post I do not intend to achieve absolutely anything, I simply wanted to say goodbye, especially to people with whom I have had very interesting discussions.

without anything else I hope you get to enjoy CE as I have not been able to.

a huge hug to all.


I can only say, see you soon , no goodbye no farewell . I can almost guarantee your return in exile lands , you were really in love with this game and certainly the forum . In every family somes try to keep what exists and some wants more , neither is wrong and their goal is the same . You prove it a lot of times guiding new players and giving them advice and support . I expect you back so …
see you soon :+1: .


Fairweather my friend look forward to seeing you again in time.


Farewell for now @cristihan! I know youre frustrated with the bugs at the moment, but I also know that you are a member who criticises because he cares about the game, as opposed to trolling out of spite. Things will improve, many of us have seen these cycles plenty of times before. The game bounces back and forth between smooth periods and rough periods often, and fixes will start rolling in after the mid-year shutdown in Norway ends. So keep an eye on things from afar, and we will all be here to welcome you back when you return.

Safe Travels Exile! :crossed_swords:


Thank you all very much, a huge hug.


I feel the same, Conan Exiles has become sterile and has lost its appeal.
It has nothing to do with “bugs” but the decisions they have made recently and in the past. You can say it is the proverbial straw that has broken the camels back for me also.
I do not play anymore, and just refresh my bases. I tried to keep a positive attitude and see things in a different light, but lately I cannot keep up the facade.
People only fight for what they love, and I tried to fight for this game I loved, but it has gone astray.
Like Cristihan, It helped me weather the pandemic and I am grateful.
My last log in refresh, there were new people on my server that admired my builds and said many good things to me, and I will miss this the most.
The people I have met and come to respect and admire will be missed the most.

komiði sæl og blessuð!


Take care, dude. I hope you find other things to enjoy and have fun with. :slight_smile:


Give your base to them and let go of the game completely. That is my suggestion. I quit the game too because of the things that happened since Siptah EA launch.


Hey @cristihan

Thank you for having been part of this community, it’s sad to see you leave.
We hope you find great memories and adventures in your next gaming endeavors and we’ll welcome you back should you choose to return to Conan Exiles in the future.

We’ll proceed to close the thread as per the forum guidelines.