I smell overpowered weapons (Isle of Siptah patch)

Yogs Touch and Black Ice Broadsword -> Unchanged

Metal Eater -> How to remove the acid?
Annoying Shard -> How to remove that gouging ?

Weapons with effects you can’t do anything against is bad design. This will encourage running META even more.

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I think we should use them first, and then start calling out big words like “bad game design”. Sure, it doesn’t sound reasonable, but lets see it first, right?

I’m curious to see if Yog’s can even be obtained in the new map. Sure hope not.

Has not even come out and your already yelling balance issues.
How about wait a week and then complain. Just maybe these weps are balanced for BOTH sides of play.

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Acid effect seems to be bugged:

What sucks is that people complain about stuff that you can only try using TestLive, but don’t bother to report it as a bug on the freaking TestLive bugs forum. Reporting bugs is literally why TestLive exists in the first place.


Can you actually answer my questions instead of assuming that I am “already yelling for balance issues”? Thank you.

It’s not a bug report, I asked about how to remove the debuffs.

My point is that if you get a debuff you can’t remove and it ends up killing you, it should be a bug report. If, for some weird reason, it turns out not to be a bug, you get your question answered and your bug report closed.

And it’s not directed only at you – your mention of it is the third time I heard of it.

And before anyone asks why I didn’t report it, either: I don’t have the TestLive client installed right now, due to insufficient disk space. I’m not gonna report something I haven’t experienced myself.


Acid is being looked at. I can’t comment on the others just yet.

p.S. I agree with @CodeMage though. People post issues in random threads all over the forums in each and every section, some even hidden between 100 off-topic posts. They are not even proper reports (so you have to reach out to people to get even more details). It is hard to track every problem mentioned this way. I am aware that not every issue gets fixed right away but without a proper report takes even longer.

EDIT: @SirDaveWolf If you want to help, could you please record a small clip with the issue and also after getting that gouging debuff, try teleporting if he bandages or set antidote don’t remove it. Karlabear reported that teleporting removes the acid debuff which is obviously not how it is supposed to work.

EDIT2: I looked at the devkit and that gouge is specified as “CantCleanse”. While I am not very good at the devkit, it should run out though unless it is re-applied. Is that not the case?


OT but, the one time I submitted a bug report in the proper location and with the correct format, it was addressed and fixed in the next non-hotfix update that dropped.

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