I suddenly cant thrust with a spear

So ive been playing for a few hours, killing stuff mostly with a spear cause i love the long-reaching thrust. Now suddenly I cant thrust with it, and am instead doing a slow slash with it. Did I toggle some weird attack mode? Is it a bug? Cause i cant aim for s**t with this big heavy slash and keep dying.

Yes, I think you triggered either a melee or a two-handed attack :thinking:

Sadly though, noone has taken the time yet to add this very useful combat info to the Official Wiki and I’m not a combat pro…

Anyone is welcome to do so!
(if you want to contribute, refer to Official Wiki - Changes + What's needed + Q&A Thread!)

So I figured out the problem, I was apparently using a pike instead of a spear and the controls were all different :stuck_out_tongue:

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