I suggest getting cheaters banned

Yo, so, im playing with my friend on a server named official 1091. Aaaand of course it has a clan from China that is glitching the F out of the server. I could get over that they block salt lakes with foundations so brimstone wont respawn, but they glitch other brimstone places with underground foundations aswell. The clan name is aiai and they openly admit they cheat, hack and glitch (see chat logs from 1-4 days ago). Can you do something about it? I dont see any “report cheaters” section so… Gotta write it here. And this kind of behaviour plagues the game because you guys care more about making money from skins than fixing your game.

Ps. The server is one big foundation with a vault next to it…can you delete all of those “lags” please? thanks. There is a clan that switches servers and lags the f out of the server so the people stop playing the game, thats their goal
Pss. The server is also inhabitted by “candygang”. They are glitchers aswell. Constantly building glitched bases underground

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Maybe adding region specific servers? If they want to behave the way they want to, why not behave that way in their own region with like-minded players.


This is not a solution to the issue. Merely an attempt to channel behaviour to specific boxes (to engage like-minded collectives) and a way to provide more accurate statistics.

The lame part is I don’t think ANY official servers are actually region locked even though they already have the option to do so with it.

+100 to OP, if Funcom would actually start banning cheaters there’d be less of a problem considering right now they don’t even try to hide it because they know full well they won’t get banned. I saw on one of their dev/community managers twitter a BS excuse saying cheating isn’t a problem because of BattleEye - which just goes to show how uninformed some of these people in power over this game are.

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They should just remove battle eye as it does nothing anyway, and most likely is more detrimental to game play by taking away player pc resources.

Yeah, It sucks, They could at least change the game mechanics a little bit so people cant lag out the server…like one vault per person etc…

Vault spam is commonly done on console as well. Do they fill those vaults up with random junk too?

I actually would love to see something like a cheater pool. That players can get flagged by the devs and then when they join a server, they get redirected to a cheater only server. So they only play with other cheaters.

Would be fun to see that. :wink:


Best solution? Play on a compatible private server. On many, the admins deal with these quite nicely.

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