I think they just broke the experience meter on the old map (Siptah update slipping into old map)

I was leveling my new thrall this morning and it was leveling really fast compare to the other ones a few days ago. Then I watch a video from a content creator for Siptah and she explain how the leveling is broken as her thrall is leveling fast. I guess they are implementing changes to the old map as the same time they are doing Siptah as to why strange things is happening on the old map right now.

Because the maps are both run on the same game engine.

I think thralls leveling faster is a good thing. The player, however, might be a bit too much. My new character levels faster now.

On a PvP map, maybe that’s good so people can get to fighting right away.
But for PvE and RP, maybe leveling slower is better to enjoy the experience of “becoming” the person of your journey/story.

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