I think we need an absolute answer about Archery before launch

I see a TON of talk about how useless Archery is right now, however, I also see many people who really want to go a heavy Accuracy build, but are afraid they will just be gimping themselves.

Is there any word that can be given from the Dev’s end about an Archery change that will be launching with release or close after.

I think those who are thinking about trying Accuracy should know if they are looking at seeing the changes at launch, a week after…or if they should expect to be trash tier for a month+ after launch. Thereby letting us know to go melee lol.

Any word please?


According to the livestream, Archery is meant as ‘a sidearm to melee’. That’s straight from the mouth of the team themselves. That philosphy coupled with the fact that Javelins and Throwing Axes do not stack means that Accuracy as an Attribute does NOT equal any other Attribute. It is a trap meant to punish players who spend points there ignorantly. For players in the know, it is an attribute that can be used in extreme specialist builds where you’ve already built your base, tamed thralls, geared up, and obtained legendary weapons. These builds are meant for kicks and are not serious competitive builds.

Bows are not entirely useless currently though. Using Ancient or Hardened Steel, along with Snake Arrows, you can see some decent ranged dot damage with the Strength perks. Salt the Wound works with snake arrows as does the other traits that increase damage of light attacks, heavy attacks, and the under 25% health trait (even though it states melee only).

Picking off Archers and getting stacks of poison for extra DoT damage is possible. Any other arrow is just too expensive in materials to matter as their base damage does not warrant their cost.

But at no point should you EVER spend points in Accuracy when designing a competitive and serious build. Strength gives much better bonuses to Archery currently as well as giving bonuses to the superior melee weapons as its mostly intended.

I agree what needs to happen is accuracy needs to mimic strength. Now If u put 30 points in strength and then max accuracy single snake arrow does 45% increase damage plus if u hit a headshot is 95% increase damage. I do find feathers a pain in ■■■■. Which make anything but snake arrows expensive. Plus kiting at max accuracy is easy since u hardly ever miss while moving.

It’s bloody painfull leveling an archer from scratch. A class that can’t be played on game debut. Makes you wonder about the old saying “don’t change what works” is ignored.

Archers are a lethal class if played well. There job is to be doing big damage because their armor is not strong like close combat melee classes. Seems to me that deva wanted to make it the same as melee class. But wait they have gone one Stepp further. Yes it’s worse.

Last two days I started from scratch both melee and archer class. A lvl 18 melee class was killing way smoother than my lvl 26 archer. I just got fed up with the archer and gave up. Never played an mmo and ditching the archer.

But like some players are saying and which I am believing in now. The archer class is a trap to fool you big time unless big changes come soon.

Have you practiced the shoot and scoot method yet? The cone of fire effect only applies when you are moving as the arrow leaves the bow. It is not assessed when you click the attack.

So this means you can be moving into position, fire, stop till the arrow goes off, then move again. It takes a bit of practice, but it does work. Now… saying that, it doesn’t make Archery anywhere close to melee. But we do want to be fair in the assessments of the issue.

I’ve gotten it to the point where I can reliably take on multiple NPCs. But even then, its much easier to pull out an axe and just go to town. Even with nothing invested in Strength.

Did test with star metal sword and star metal bow with star metal arrows. Full stats of one of other is close

Light attack with bow of max accuracy
Body shot 93 damage
Head shot 139 damage
Heavy attack with bow max accuracy
Body shot 139
Head shot 208

Sword light attack 129 add 50% 195
Heavy attack 147 add 50% 220

So bow is only 36 damage behind and count fact that range. Accuracy is not that far behind.

Now didn’t count 25% bleed from strength or add extra 4% armor from accuracy either.

per hit yes

but speed of hitting will drop your dps into a deeeeeep hole as well as missing a good 50% of your shots = HUGE dps loss

so 36 damage just as a base of loss then 50% missing and huge loss to speed of shots as well as way too high energy costs for all shots

a good 80% behind melee

Right now Archery is more a PvE thing as (I’m not sure if this is the same on servers but it is on single player) the AI won’t react at certain distances inside the range of archery. with a bow and a good number of arrows you can basically pick off entire camps, take down large animals… and if you have 40,000 arrows two bows and the mats to fix them boss creatures (theoretically and I have not tested this theory)

Archery and the Current AI only works when a player gets within a certain distance thing allows an Archer the ability to do some serious damage PvE

Star Metal Tier is broken. Some weapons do less than Hardened Steel.

For example, the Star Metal Daggers do 1 less than Hardened Steel Daggers. Star Metal Spear does the same as a Hardened Steel.

Landing a headshot in pvp is nearly impossible except if you are fighting somebody who is afk…archery BADLY needs some love. As to the complete bafoon claiming the accuracy stat was put in place by the devs to “punish players who spend points foolishly”…your statement is so unbelievably stupid i don’t even know where to begin…suffice to say the devs don’t go out of their way to “punish players” for in game choices…that sort of tactic while developing a game would be counter productive and the fact that you think they would do something like that is laughable. Lastly the 50% armor pen from accuracy is quite good under the right circumstances. Daggers for example, you can reach upwards of 70%+ armor pen this way…and there is nothing at all wrong about reducing your targets armor by nearly 3/4.

Well able take thralls with a bow has been easy because lack of ai.

I think the real issue is how the bow is not even finished yet. So right now it’s more then adjusting stats on it. I think the bow should have 3 quick light attack and then the fourth be a delay with special attack on it. I was wondering put a multi shot like adding double or triple shot that has spread. Close range it would hit hard but depleting your ammo faster.

The only problem I have with the bow is the feather I only in certain area that make them as rare as brimstone . Under old spawn rate this wouldn’t be a problem with this but because they spawn certain area does.

Main problem with bow is dev didn’t have time to finish it or had time to test it to put closer in realm of melee.

Archery was too powerful for PVE, you could just sit on a rock and kill anything.

We already got an answer. Archery is not supposed to be competitive with melee.

Open a fight with arrows, then switch to swords

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  • Archery was too powerful for PVE, you could just sit on a rock and kill anything.

Yeah but now, it’s the opposit…

I use archery in PVE pretty much regularly still. Its not the opposite by any means. Its just not a one-two kill shot.

As said above, archery is meant to open an engagement and then you switch to your melee weapons when people get into range.

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My two cents worth:

Archery is under-powered. I relish the idea of an archery focused character, but it’s not a reality right now. PVEers seem to like where things are now because they don’t want archery to be so OP over npcs and monsters that the game plays on easy-mode. PVPers either loathe the idea of powerful archery builds because they are hack-and-slash melee players or someone shot them off a cliff once and they’re now perpetually bvt-hurt about it. Or, PVPers want to see some kind of buff to archery to make it worth carrying all those damn arrows around and pumping points into what is currently a worthless stat (Accuracy).

Heya Taemien,

I’m sure how this process works. Are there any youtube vids ?. What i was doing was just firing my arrows while I was standing still. From what i read n your post your saying that you need to be moving whilst firing ? When you say to stop when the arrow goes off are you saying when it hits the enemy or when it leaves the bow ?.

thanks for this info.

Agree something need to be done about archery. Even as a sidearm its not good. and can’t be right that snake arrows is the only usefull arrows and reason to use bows.

I really like to hear the dev. say something here. just that they are looking at it??

Yes, we’re not done with Archery yet. Changes and adjustments are still coming in the near future.


Sounds good. :slight_smile: can you give any time on it? Is so something we see short after launch or in a large update later?