I think we should be adding some of these animals




And Battle bunnies :smiley:
This is true story, about 15 years ago I played in a Korean mmo, that had vanity pets
the most common pet was a small white rabbit.

There was no way to tell what level another player was, and you could loot other players.

Unbeknownst to most there was an ultra-rare battle pet, by rare I mean it only spawned once a week
for 5 minutes at one of ten different locations.

You needed to level up pets too, I was lucky enough to tame one of these beauties,

I leveled it up, you see where this is going? I had a fighting pet that looked just like the non-fighting pets everyone else had.

I would runaround with this little cute bunny following me, someone would challenge me to dual,
then I would stand back as my bunny ripped them to shreds.
Shades of Monty Python it was awesome. I even named it Monty :slight_smile:

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Lol I’m all for a cute fluffy white bunny of doom

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If you won’t mind, here’s my two-cent of the animals as suggested:

  1. Tortoises: I though that’s why Funcom gave us shalebacks at the first place, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  2. Hippos: That’s a good addition choice. They maybe should act like rhinos too but instead spawn in the vicinity of watery areas.
  3. Wild cattle/buffaloes: Perhaps to act like mini rhinos, with lesser health and and lesser charging damage.
  4. Baboons (correct me if i’m wrong :sweat_smile:) : not much of them I can think about since we have gorillas and ‘ape-men’ prancing around by default.
  5. Rats/mice: Not much I can think about their ‘usefulness’ yet within the game. Any ideas? :thinking:
  6. Goats: In exception of the currently available mountain goats, perhaps goats can be reared in animal pens as pets, or be placed and deployed on ground (like antelope pets)
  7. Centipedes: Make them bigger, venomous with the movesets of snakes. Available only in tropical biome as where large centipedes can be usually found. Drop chitin and ichor when harvested.
  8. Hornets/Hornet nests: Nests are respawnable like trees once they are destroyed. Available in all biomes. Any player that approaches a hornet nest will have a cloud of hornets deployed from the nest, stinging the player. This will cause the player to lose health constantly and occasionally be poisoned until the nest or the player is destroyed. Optionally and with the right tools, hornet nests can be harvested and on the right moment, be thrown onto enemies like ‘nature’s grenades’. :rofl:
  9. Beetles: i) Make them bigger and ii) instead of scouting around, the beetles should be hidden below the ground. Only by passing them nearby the beetles will emerge from ground and attack. iii) They attack not by using venom, instead of an organic acid which can damage the player’s health and equipment durability iv) If no enemies nearby, the beetles should automatically dig back into the ground.

This must not be a rabbit

No no no

These animals are just to make the game more colorful

I didn’t find mice or other animals in the dungeons,The dungeons are clean。

That’s not a beetle
You should have seen it The Mummy Film

In the early days, buffalo hide could be used for clothes (European Bison)It can also be used to eat meat。This kind of animal should exist in the game

Goat,What should have existed in Conan’s time

Baboon,He should be visible on the grassland

Gorilla,It should belong to the primeval forest

Tortoise,Game begins His shell can be used as a shield

10.Do you have any comments on bats??? :rofl:

That would be a Beetle then, that’s called a Scarab Beetle

He thought it was a common beetle :喜悦:

I want to see some little bats in the dungeon :smiley:

As someone who used to work with animation and BVH files I don’t think they have as much impact on performance as say a higher polygon count on the base figure.

True an extended and complex animation might take up memory, but the relatively short loops the game uses shouldn’t make a dent.

It’s so quiet in the cave :thinking: :thinking:

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