I thought the DLCs weren't supposed to give an advantage, so why

Armor exists and is paid dlc = fact

Armor is p2w = not fact

And refusing to explain an opinion does invalidate the opinion to a lot of people…

I’m no fan boy, I just manage fine without the armor (in fact I’m farming in cold encumb spec right now)

And there’s no fire. Just differences of opinions… this is General Discussion you know…


Armor exists that is paid dlc and gives advantages not available in free armors = fact

There is when you immediately start telling people their opinions are potentially invalid unless they justify them to you and that their concerns are “no big deal.”

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I’m sorry, I just think it’s annoying when people are like “i’m right” while refusing to explain why they think they are right… Sometimes you learn new stuff and change your mind. That’s why I was asking while explaining my reasons. I didn’t attack you. I didn’t immediately tell you your opinion was invalid. It’s just how a discussions works. Arguments and counter-arguments.

And I’m still not arguing whether it’s an advantage. I stated in my first post that it’s not a “big” advantage. in my mind it’s a pretty small advantage, you can easily live without and I still haven’t seen any reason why it’s p2w.


Its been recommended that the armor system needs to be revamped so that lining produces the heat or cold bonus desired, the outer “skin” is used for one’s appearance, and the armor bonus should be something craftable that is attached to the armor (like its own ‘charm’ slot so as not to take up the existing enhancers in the game).

For example:
Helm: Heavy Lining (cold) + Aquilonian style + Strength bonus (charm) + Advanced Armor Flexibility Kit
(in this sense, all the DLCs would go back to just being cosmetic like all armor types, and bonuses would not be restricted to just a specific armor style… and people could have the “look” they want instead of having to wear something just for the bonuses)


It would be nice, but I don’t think it will happen like that. PVP players would complain way too hard.

No, that’s how arguments work.

You answered your own question.

P2W = huge advantage. Like a sword that gives 50% extra damage you have to buy or spend 3 weeks farming.

Something that gives you a 2% advantage (that you can just get or take from someone else) is not P2W… It doesn’t make you win. You can just play 3% better.

If that is what you want to believe then go ahead, but we will have to agree to disagree. I am not going down that rabbit hole and further derailing the thread.

It doesn’t make you win in any way. I’ll bet it only saves you a little time cos you’re too lazy to respec :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the DLC and will never craft it. Who uses heavy armor for themself, except beginners or agility-perk users?? So basically no one…

And my thrall does not care about cold protection or enc stuff.

DLCs are still kinda pay2win, but for something else, which I dont feel to tell you… Just that you see how you are arguing with other people…

I don’t know how you’re supposed to win in PvE, and even in PvE-C, you can wall yourself in and have a giant chunk of the map to yourself, so winning there is questionable at best. So you must be speaking of PvP. There are maybe two players I’ve ever met who are successful in Heavy. The only time I ever PvPed in Heavy I had my butt handed to me so fast I threw every heavy set away afterward. This was before we could dress thralls, see. Because now the only reason to craft Khitan Imperial is to put it on your duder, so that when you go into a cold region you can easily swap out your armor for his.

Truthfully, if there were Cold Arena combat, and Heavy was the choice of the Arena Master, the Heavy arms race would be for War Mammoth Boots, Legacy of the Nords and Solspeil. Then you still have your arms, chest and legs to adorn in Cimmerian Steel. Vites beat Encs any day. But that’s only because I like to win during PvP.


At start of game, I guess its slight advantge to run to north with khitan and nab some good early… but your defense thou, one sabercat is gonna mess you up.


By time you make later versions… your lv60 and got alot of options. What ever bonus it has, there other parts.
Really don’t see many people use it. Not exactly OP.

you can easily go learn the hyena armour and venture north exactly as u would do with the khitan without even spending a single feat point…

Any flawless dlc gives +9 to attributes (exactly as the non dlc armours)
So the points u use in other stats when u equip in flawless khitan (eg , more agility or grit) u can spend on encumbrance when u do not wear a flawless khitan…
btw wearing the god breaker armours boots, a numbing elixir and a bearer pack gives u +11 encumbrance… so any cold resistant armour could help u (evens out with pride of aesir boots if u like a med combo so u can roll… ans if u have the boots, the elixir and the bearer pack and u equip a solspeil, u can go with no other clothes on inside frost palace to harvest…
if u do not want to pay , there r 2 more options
1st) ask a friend to craft u and sustain it with repair kits (he can even craft u more than one if u provide mats )

and 2nd) why not turn to alternatives as is invest in equipment (as is the helm of nordheimers or solspeil , get the godbreaker armour recipe, use anything that boosts the feat u want -like elixirs, gear, and mixed armours?)

there is an alternative if u feel that the price of dlc is not worth it… just invest some time and in time u will be able to go in fulll enc build anywhere in the frozen north

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He was suggesting more than just letting you chose your own temp resistance, and plenty of PVPers have already come out against the addition stuff he suggested.

I don’t believe it was intended to give a player an advantage by purchasing a DLC–they were supposed to be cosmetic. However I think a slight advantage can be gained matching cold and heat buffs to attribute bonuses if you buy DLCs.

I have always been an advocate of crafted buffs for heat or cold and attribute bonuses that could be added to any piece of armor.

I’ve difficulties to see how an heavy armour with encumbrance bonus will give an advantage. The weight of the armour partly negates the encumbrance bonus. If it was a light armour with the encumbrance bonus that’ll be interesting.


But Encumbrance in heavy armor is almost useless compared with an ordinary Hyena Pet (even not a Greater version)! It carries 20 stacks of anything inedible without concern over weight. Star metal, arrows, hides, Black Ice, Thralls, Bricks, Pet cubs - literally anything except raw meat. I could understand If you complained about Turanian Caravan Elephant: it has 30 inventory slots instead of 20. But not a heavy armor with Encumbrance bonus allowing you to carry this armor and a bit more food and potions for yourself, and that’s all.


And Yamatai Warlord is he only heat resistant heavy set with Vitality :wink:

A terrible idea if you ask me. Additional padding will only add confusion and clog the menus ( instead of one set where will be 4 - 2 regular and 2 Epic sets of paddings, and don’t forget we have 3 armor types each of them requiring their own paddings).

In my opinion, temperature resistance should be removed from the armor altogether. Some Legendary items should retain temperature resistance stats while water, food and drinks should be your primary source of temperature control.

Not additional. Replacing the existing padding.

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Now we have 15 padding pieces spread across 3 armor types. Let’s say we add heat resistance to all of them. This way we will have to add 15 new cold resistance paddings, so that players, for example, will have to choose between Ligh Helmet padding (Heat) and Light helmet padding (Cold) when making their Darfary helmet.

There’s no reason for separate hot/cold paddings for light/medium/heavy

Also no need for separate padding for separate armor pieces.