I used a yellow flower potion and redistrubuted my atributes now i cant fix or make iron or steel weapons any advise?

After Re-distribution of my atributes, because i had a yellow potion, im now not able to fix or make any iron or steel tool or weapon.
i been looking all around for a list of atributes vs feats looking for maybe what atribute to fill to get the iron and steel abillities but with no success. Please help.

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You need to re-learn the respective feats from the weapon feat tab (note that you have multiple feat tabs).


They are all red like unabeilable? they dont get green. i mean the iron and steel weapons i want to recover.

Do you meet the requirements? They are listed on the top right when you select the feat you want to learn.


im level 60 max level needed for the steel two hand sword wich is the bigger is 56 when i select it in the feads it don’t change to green and does not appear on my forge.


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You need to relearn all pre-requisite feats;



Steel tools

If the steel 2H-sword feat is still shaded red, one of those feats is most likely still required.


Start with choosing each pick type under the “feat” panels.

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