I ve got some trouble

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: kinda complicated
Region: austria
hello hello there … greetings and much love from vienna …
my gamer-name is Bass Tea C i m 36 years old ( just to let u know) and i have 2 questions … more or less… so … i bought conan exiles in 2018 played it and loved it… but back then i wasn t online …so i sold it after quite al long time in game … and when i saw it on a very steep discount a few days ago i just could not resist and bought it from the xbox live store … at first i tried some PVE servers …but … i was unable to find one that has not yet been entirely occupied … buildings as big as citys … very awesome and cool design … BIG RESPECT TO THE COMMUNITY by the way … some of you really did amazingly cool stuff … but 1a… sadly there wasn t any room left for me to start my own projects .(tried around 15 different severs … 1b… on many ocations the building were invisible ( meaning that they were so big that it took minutes for the game to be able to show/load them ) and i was running against an invisible walls … so i tried a PVP server … spent about 35 hours and when i relogged yesterday my charackter was dead my entire stuff stolen and half of what i have built has been destroyed in my absence … i did not think that this is possible while i m not in the game … but i guess i was just wrong with this assumption … so I… 2 …tried to play in offline mode … but the game tells me that there is no nudity allowed on that server … and i m sure since you guys MUST be fans of the Conan comics (its written ALL OVER THE GAME ) you will agree that a master bedroom with clothed dancers just isn t conan … plus when i first played the game in 2018 there was nudity in offline mode … so i guess … very long text short … is there a new … virgin-like server in EU to start a new game in PVE ?? … was there an update that prevents nudity in offline mode … is there amy possibility to work around this ?? isnt my own xbox the server for the game in offline mode ?? please do not leave me alone in my missery … thanks for your time … Bass Tea

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I suggest you look for private servers, they have admins who monitor building. Unfortunately the game is too old and all official servers are toxic AF. That is your only option.

As the nudity, I can’t help you on that

On your private server, you just need to enable nudity. You’ll have to hit start, go to settings, tab over the the far right tab and make yourself admin. You should then be able to enable nudity on your single player world, as well as adjust any settings you want changed.

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Ahh… Thanks i ll try that… And… It worked… thanks man

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