I’ve lost everything again offline January 2022

January 18/2022 opened the game and hundreds of hours of game play are just gone, my entire world reset maps everything gone, a few things here and there but a reset without me resetting.
Maybe closer to 1000 hours just gone


You should file a report with Zendesk. I going to guess that you are on console or you would have a backup. They will need as much information as possible and what your event logs had to report. Very sorry for your loss.

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Hey, that sounds painful. I’m sorry to hear this. Could you give more information on the type of server you were using, was this single-player mode you were doing there?

1k hours, hrm, sounds like what a month’s play time? When were you last on before returning on the 18th? Have you submitted a ticket with their support?

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Were you playing offline/online? Official server/ unofficial server?
Have you been online with less than a week interval to reset base?

Did you build too big?
Did you use mods?

Decay did just reset to the default, lower timer.

Mucho animo, yo perdí todo, hace 2 años por problemas de servidor y no poder acceder.

I wonder if we could like store all of our gameplay data to the cloud. That way we could download from the cloud storage when ever something like this happens. That way nothing that was achieved in the game after hours of gameplay is lost.

In the 4 years plus we have been playing we have lost chests full of named, an entire outpost.
Every Weds and Sat I spend 2 hours resetting decay. Stuff still goes away.

Been playing MMOs since the early 90s and it is the nature of the beast.

In SWG 150,000 player quit in one day.

Get used to it

Not to be contrarian, but in the past 18 months of playing daily (3k hours?) I’ve not lost a single thing. Nor in any other MMO - of which there are accumulated about 30,000 hours in total. In CE the closest thing to losing something, has been when using the large firepit to make thrall food. Sometimes (and even still) when I click the start button, all 1000 food items suddenly just appear - with half or more decayed to rotten green icons.

But I mostly play on Officials and never modded servers so maybe that’s the difference?

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