I want a refund for my Battle Pass seeing as the game currently does not function

I feel I should get a refund on my Battle Pass for Chapter 1, and so should everyone else that is unable to play. Most of us use the coin from the prior season to buy the next, but that isn’t possible since we bought the first chapter but cannot play due to the Siptah Freeze major issues. Maybe just give all active players that amount in store credit as a good faith gesture. Might get people to spend more too if the game ever works.,

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…so play single player exiled lands then?

Just use the admin panel to rush the challenges.

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Select In-Game Purchases. Its the single best way to get feedback on this sort of thing. I don’t believe they do refunds, but given enough reports, it might cause them to send a message.


Yea they likely wont, but they should do something seeing as the player count is dead now with the broken game, might as well be nice to the folks that have supported the game and not screw them all. Steam should take their page down since they game doesn’t currently function. Would be a nice gesture on their part since many people have lost out here.


I had the battle pass done a couple weeks after ch1 hit because of the big oops 50X booster thing. But the only thing stopping you from finishing the pass is you.

Have you checked to see if the issue is fixed on test?

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