I Want Fountains

Am I alone in wanting decorative fountains? large fountains, small fountains, maybe let you configure the liquid in them, I could make an absinthe fountain for my bar. Whether or not you could drink from them is up for debate, I just would like to create water decorations, fountains, baths, water walls, etc


I would like that too.

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So many things in the mod community could be brought over to the core game when it comes to aesthetics…


They could even have a relatively higher resource cost if the liquid was drinkable to protect the sanctity of ~Pvp Balance

Or require proximity to a water well, not counting the mitra wells.

They could make a dynamic system where you could make your own waterfall features with water running down walls into a pool at the base.

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that wouldn’t be too hard since you could have a instance seeded to handle the different saved effect the issue then become how to save it so that it doesnt load bearing on server netcode

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As It’s CE that would be fountains without water. :slight_smile:

(Flag it, i deserve it lol)


yea i like that idea a lot

Hey, a chocolate fountain would be a superb way of making all those berries I end up dropping much more appealing!

But seriously, I think decorative fountains would be a great addition to the game. I would like to see this in a future DLC. As I’m primarily a builder, I’m pretty much always down for more stuff to put in my bases. And yet I somehow never considered fountains. But thinking about it now, bases built with the Aquilonian pieces just scream “Put a fountain in me”. As far as balance goes, maybe you just get a single drink out of the thing before it needs to be given time to refill.

If they added fountains where you could stack a drink that can be consumed upon sipping from it … then they MUST add a recipe to make champagne to the game. One can not have a drink fountain without the option for a Champagne fountain!!

I wouldn’t need to drink anything other than water from a fountain, but we already have wells and the refreshment piece from Mitra. Having a fountain would be amazing and I was just thinking about this last night when my clan was working on a villa. Great idea.

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