I want thrall management feature badly!

Dev team!

Although this might not be a promised feature (maybe?), but it was mentioned from one of the video that they will include it; so players can have an army of patrols and servants in their base! I WANT THIS ASAP!

Also I want taming feature and chariots! so that I can be Santa!

  • create new character - male - long hair (white) - beard? (white) - tame king elk - craft chariot? - HO HO HO!!

Chariots would be really cool.

  1. Light chariots with a single horse and single driver.
  2. Medium chariots with two horses and both driver and archer.
  3. Heavy chariots with four horses, driver, and two archers/javelin.

And add them to the Purge with the release of mounts (when that DLC becomes available).

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