I want to be a Dungeon Master! (Hints Please)

No I do not want to bring D&D to Conan. But I have my own dedicated server for a few people. I would like to be able to pop in areas where there are players and drop a random event, trap, etc. I know I can go invisible and quick travel, but what about players in an instance? What about using a monster, NPC and talking though them or creating dialog for the NPC?

Any hints on trying to achieve being a DM?

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I think there would sooner be a Conan Exiles mod for NeverWinter Nights than a Neverwinter Nights DM mod for Conan Exiles.

That being said, if you learn how to mod Conan Exiles, there’s nothing you can’t do. Take Majesty server for instance.

Thats a pretty neat idea really, you could leave signs/ notes that would start them on a quest, you build a castle, make your character some type of boss stat wise… never thought of that. neat OP