I want to be payback

I play since day 1 on ps4 its more than a year, minimum 8 to 10h a day ( mostly night) my clan and i The Nudists where alpha on 12 différent official pvp serv during this time. Just to tell you how Many time i spend and love this game! The best for me ! Love your DLC’S!!

BUT !!! You put this game for free on ps4 plus, what happend ? Its 4 complète days i can not play. My base Who was on the 3140 since 2month is broken by players because we couldnt get online to défend! WTF its the first time i get destroy because of free gamers Who didnt want to pay 30e last Month!

After 3 days i décided to give up and try another server ( only one more)
I was lvl 43 in 6h with 1000 steelbars, 3 named thralls, and stuff. Guess what its again 3h i try to connect to this one.

How do i proceed to ask to be payback ? Because if i cant play because of free players then i want to play for free too !

Sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the game. You’re welcome to request a refund at the vendor you purchased it from. If you have other questions, feel free to DM a community manager. Thanks!