I want to change my funcomID

It was a name that I didn’t want to use it, it was just a moment that I used on steam, it was huge and no one wants to add me :(.

If I knew I would have changed the name before the transition.

Is there a way to update funcomID?


Probably a good idea to summon a member of Funcom in for this one Dovah. I am not sure who would be the right man for the job when it comes to that sort of thing, but maybe try @AndyB?


Your prison number is with you for life. Changing the DB will alter the log in server.

:expressionless: I’m really sad about it, all I wanted to do was reduce the size of the name. Renfri K. Dovah # ***** to Dovah # ***** (I would accept to lose everything that my character became 3 years, for the opportunity to change FuncomID.)

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