I want to make the most of the Bazaar and Battle Pass. However, how much can this get in the way?

I searched here on the forum and watched the live on (Age of Sorcery) and found answers that revealed little of what I really want to know.

About unofficial servers, bazaar and battle pass.

Servers with multiple mods can be a problem to get everything from the bazaar and battle pass?

What kind of servers do you recommend to get the most out of the bazaar and battle pass? or does it not influence the type of server and mod at all?

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Given the nature of the game (as in not being an MMO but separate servers some privately managed and single player option with all the admin tools), I would assume that the server does not make a difference aside from the obvious, like if a mod directly removes part of the game that is required to complete the step.

As an example currently you can complete even Steam achievements by going in single-player and using the admin console, I doubt that would be any different for BP items.

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This seems broken and poorly thought out, however, I like to follow a script, I got everything I have on merit.

I don’t think I’ll know how much of a “problem” this can be until I’m actually playing the game. I’m going to fix an unofficial server that has the settings of an official server.

And speaking of Steam Achievements, will we have new Steam Achievements and Epicgames.

The battlepass is able to be completed on all servers.

Boosted rates and easier settings will have mimimal impact on it, as instead of “collect x amount of resource”, the challenges are “mine x number of rocks”. It’s not based on item yield, but the number of direct harvested nodes.

I think the only time i can see it being an issue is if it something the admin chose to remove, like for example they spawn blocked a boss that the challenges require, or are playing on the modded map that just doesnt have certain things. But at that point it was kinda the players choice to play in an environment so modded they cant access the full battlepass

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What I believe FC is trying to do is make it as easily accessible as possible but still require active game play. I definitely like this position since the sales team needs these to be exclusive to the BP (to warrant the sale) but the time and energy to develop these were already done and so how these are obtained by the players shouldn’t be impossible (unlike some other BP’s).


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