I want to support funcom, but I think the dlcs don't really offer anything interesting for me


Greetings everybody.

As the title suggests. I heard about the upcoming amazon dlc on facebook which sounds interesting with new female models and a nice subtheme, but asides from that its hard to support funcom, if the dlcs only really introduce new buildings. The armors are average, but not my favorite so if I would buy the kithan or aquilan or savage dlc, I’d still be using the normal armos and weapons, I wouldn’t really use much of the stuff in the DLC,
which is why I don’t buy it, even though I want to support the company.
I think it lacks something special with the dlcs. Instead of simply including some other versions of stuff that’s already in the game I#d like to see something new and different from the DLCs.

Maybe a spa in the amazon dlc, where you regenerate your health, or that kithan includes a new set of weapons like a samurai sword a katana, as they call it, which has its own special effects. Or a ninja style armor, that allows sneak attacks and to sneak upon your enemies, something unique that I want to try.

Or maybe a crossbow in a dlc package as a new weapon class like the katana. I think funcom has many opportunities to come up with stuff that really changes the gameplay with a DLC and would be exciting to find out.

Please comment if you agree or disagree and give this a like if ya think this is the way to go.


Why ever write a post - just quit if you do not like the game oh wait forgot you want to whine some more OK go ahead now


When was this mentioned and what site? I haven’t heard anything about this one.

I believe crossbows were removed because they had issues. I do not expect them to return.

I like the decorations and “some” of the building materials. I would like to see decorations in the next DLC as the Savage one had none.

I would also like to see building materials for T1 structures. Having everything set for endgame is off-putting to new players. When I new player purchases DLC with the game, they want to be able to use at least some of the items straight away. Also, current players will reroll their character either on a different server or just to try something different, using the same old stuff on a reroll makes the game seem less interesting in the first 30 levels. Since the level cap is 60 and most of the new stuff is level 30 or higher, at least half the game is stale…the first half. The half that keeps players playing long enough to get involved.


Please do not whine about DLC lacking… This is their game. Instead Post picture Inspire them to think of new creative freedom. But your Post and Title are really going to attract the Negative crowd and white knights. into another heated agruement. Also I welcome any DLC because it takes alot of time for the artist to make them. It isnt easy for them to make the features beautiful and they have families and belly to fill up. so DLC helps pay for their works.


The negative crowd has arrived :slight_smile:
You may be buying DLC and the game to ‘support’ Funcom and their families but I pay for a product that I like and I would like it to work, I do not like paying for DLC(which does not take a lot of time btw to make and is easily done by 1 artist) while the base game is broken(AI, performance, disappearing items/bodies/thralls, purges, etc). I would however happily pay for DLC when the game is working and incase the DLC would not(again) bring more issues instead.

DLC helps to pay for their work? It should be the success of the game that pays for their work… And do some simple math, sold copies x average sale price(DLC not included), I think we have already paid them a lot for their work… Or are you also paying to give them job security and fed bellies for some years to come?


Upcoming Amazon dlc on facebook?
New female models?

what are you talking about please?

Be more specific please, add link etc. If you would.


Im into the idea of better character creation too lol.

But to the point, im surprised they keep these servers open for free! Im in the same boat, i want to give them money, but i dont want what theyre offering. Maybe a donations page? Or release conans clothing from the original movie? Or just the armor he wears in game?

Amazing work, i want to give you more of my money.


Amazing work, i want to give you more of my money.

That sounds just ridicoulous you must be sarcastic or a fc employee lol, xcuse me.:joy::rofl:




You do realize how quickly the initial sale of their game can be spent right? Especially when they are still paying for bug fixes, servers to run, and content to be developed. The DLC helps them continue all these things without giving anyone a statistical advanatage, something an initial sale will never be able to keep up with long term. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.


I did buy the first one so it should say ‘pay for more’ instead. And do you also realize how easy cosmetic DLC is to create at very low cost and very high return if you actually retain a considerable player base? And again, I’m all for it and very willing to pay, but not when the game is not up-to (my) standard of being acceptable and fyi: I think myself as being tolerant towards bugs and I only play on Official servers.

I’m not a sales person nor a game publisher, but my common sense tells me that when you have a sales success in the game industry, you either have 1.6 Million customers that will buy your future product or you mess up and you have 1.6 Million people that will stay clear of any future product you make. Currently I fall into the latter category. I can only speak for myself but I did do my share of reading here and my gut feeling also tells me that I’m not alone in that category. In my world, spewing out DLC after DLC on a broken game is not scoring very high on the ethics scale.


I think anyone would agree that bug fixes are more important than cosmetic DLC, but as Funcom has pointed out in the past their artists and coders are not the same people. They have their departments they work in, and they don’t share tasks so why should one stop working over something irrelevant to their job?

Its not a matter of turning off all departments and redirecting their efforts to bug fixing, it doesn’t work that way. The artists job may be viewed as very low cost but that doesn’t mean their work is meaningless, it brings a bit of interest to the game as does any cosmetic DLC without ruining the experience of those who rather not pay for DLC.

Also keep in mind that a lot of content like dungeons, mounts, sorcery, etc were promised to be free dlc and so far they have kept their word on that. So let the artists do their thing and if you don’t like their work then don’t feel obligated to pay for it. Just know that it is a form of income for the company to develop better content and fix bugs along the way because outside of the initial sale, CE doesn’t charge anyone to keep playing the game.


I will no longer go into the details of the different people with different skills and will conclude with the following: I like the game, I do not like the state of it(Official servers). All I care about is that the base game is fixed before I will buy any more DLC, how and with what resources is not my concern tbh.


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