I want to throw small rocks

Is that possible to implement?


I agree with you, I ever supposed in a game like this the first throwable thing had to be a stone ! :slightly_smiling_face:

But why do you posted it as bug ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Ignasis can you place this topic under the suggestion section please ?


i love that idea…wish it was in the game…maybe even upgrade this if you unlock the alchemist station where you can deep the stones in oil and light it up and it will do fire damage too…it would be perfect for the low skilled type of “sorcerers” build

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Hello @Fixi, we’ve moved this thread to the Suggestions board as it is not considered a bug report.

The suggestion has been registered for the developers to consider, thank you for sharing it with us!

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And it would even be more perfect to get your hand very seriously burned ! Great idea !:smirk:


Conan used a sling.

Id love to have a sling in the game. To throw rocks.


Then it’ll the sling that’ll burn and your rock won’t be thrown.

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What if we compromised.

I could have a sling. You May get firery rocks (which would burn your hand) or…

We put orbs in the sling and launch fire bombs?

Or rocks.

Call me a silly sod if you will, but Im actually in favour of this, and had tentatively considered suggesting it in the past myself. Furthermore, it is a good way to distract and confuse enemies. And antagonise and provide a slow painful death for opponents who annoy us. Besides throwing stones is humorous. Allow me to demonstrate…


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