I was expecting this to be destroyed after the patch

I had just three foundation fences going thru foundations, so I fixed one and left the other two to see how the patch would affect the wall. After the patch the two are still there, intersecting the triangle blocks.


Did we not feel the FULL wrath yet?

I think they delayed that part of the update

Think so too. Everything is just the same as before… I really feel ripped off… On the server I play, the glithcers are still playing, and my base is decaying soon.

the picture isn’t quite what was “breaking” the game. What you have here is not coexisting in the same spot. It over laps, but is not interlocked with each other at the center of the fence foundations. the crossing of fences inside foundations (basically making it quartered) is the main thing fixed.

Hey there,

The wipe is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Multiple instances of the same piece overlapping in the same place are merged into one, while cross formations with fence foundations will get one of the pieces in that formation nuked at random, which could cause problems down the line considering some people relied heavily on this structure. Also, new rules for building pieces have been put in place to avoid using the middle socket in fence foundations.
Our first announcement was initially vague as it wouldn’t affect legit constructions too much, but it caused some panic so we tried to explain it even further. Additionally, we’ve been refining the script that ran this “wipe” for a week, so it is even less destructive now than what it was initially.


So it did go in with the rest of the update? So if stuff is still standing then it should be fine?

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Yes, whatever is standing now is mostly fine. There are still some fence foundations in a T formation what would not be allowed by the new placement rules, but they will not be nuked.


@Ignasi when is this coming to Ps4. Thanks

After certification process is done

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I still see people’s bases built into the new dungeon, will those go away?

So has the wipe already taken place, and is done with now?

Just want to confirm that it’s safe to start restocking my base without fear of it being destroyed. So far, doens’t look like I’ve lost anything except a few ladders.


Should be ya. Ladder loss was in the patch notes and it was due to some socket optimizations. They should work much better now.

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On PC, anything that is left has survived the apocalypse. There’s some fence foundations that are built in certain ways that are no longer allowed, but they won’t be wiped any further.
We mention this because we know some people got the geometry of their base altered and asked if they could replicate that formation after the patch just for visual consistency.

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Apocalypses come in different shapes: zombie infestations, giant comets hitting the Earth, fallen angels descending upon mankind to claim their souls, etc.

As apocalypses go, this update was puny. Conan’s average night at the local bar causes more destruction of property than your apocalypse.

According to our stats, there were tens of thousands of pieces wiped in official servers, but they were mostly targeted at structures that were used maliciously. So some people out there were hit hard by this, but we can all agree that they were not surprised about this outcome. :slight_smile:


Why do I have this feeling that Scooper was sitting somewhere laughing evilly as the official numbers started rolling in…


That’s normal @Scooper

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As far as I can tell, I didn’t lose anything in this apocalypse. But that was actually kinda expected after the testing I did on TestLive confirmed none of my building choices were illegal. So exploiters and worse were hit hard, legit players left alone - I’d call that a resounding success. I haven’t heard of anyone who lost anything they shouldn’t have expected to lose, though maybe there are some. Am still waiting to hear how some of the really big builders on my server fared though.

I would call that a win/win. Good job Funcom, and keep rolling, your doing great, and thank you.


Non PVP big builders usually aren’t trying to cheese to much, so i bet they survived with minimal effect. Most trolls don’t have the patience to actually build a “Castle”, they just start linking stuff together. I hope i am right, as i like people who actually care about what they build, and don’t just make Borg Boxes.