I was thinking about coming back to the game after a full year away...but tbh, there's nothing new that would keep me in

Personally, a Horde like mode for AoC maybe is a cool addition but I barely played the game for less than an hour and just felt some form disgust in one way or another…

Was honestly hoping that after they added weapon slots for vanity, that they would’ve lifted armour type limitations from vanity window; wouldve been a great addition which honestly would help against the problem of some armour types just looking terrible. I could only manage to max out 1 character but when it came to my Barb he just ended up in a dead end… the game content is cool and all, but when I’m stuck with ■■■■■■ looking light armour, after a while I cant even look at my character anymore…
I’m the kind of player that values appearance the most, thats how I have been able to play WoW and Classic, and AoC as a Conqueror…problem is, Conq is a 2h user…

Maybe if I was an Altoholic and liked casters, maybe it would’ve been easier but tbh even then…i doubt it

if you’re bored with the game take a break brother no need to make a good bye post or anything everybody takes a break once in a while come back when you’re feeling nostalgic and have fun Good luck where you end up :+1:

Problem is I had a break for 1 year, and I feel worse coming back. Its like returning to your old home only to smell dead rotting corpses.

How about you come to Fury for a bit, I remember being where you’re at. I found salvation in pvp. It’s combat in its purest form.

Just dont talk about it

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Its a dead server lol

No its not dead :upside_down_face:

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yes it is, 90% of the day there is less than 10 people online, and for the few hours it does have activity it has same 15-30 players online. It is beyond dead at this point. Don’t get me wrong, crom is dead most of the day too


Fury has been dead for god knows how long. Crom is no better, its has higher pop but technically its dead as well

According to what technical definition?

When game on maintenance mode its basically a person in coma on life support, it is dead. Well not dead but… braindead

the one when you can`t have 20 players online in MMORPG :smiley:
half of those 20 being memigol like