I Well and Truly Hate This Game/ I'm DONE

Indeed. It’ll get you a perfectly serviceable TV that’ll be good enough for most people, and it’s usually good value for money, since you get fairly minor upgrades for spending 5 x the money (or more) on high-end gear.

Average wage in Italy is 1000 euro? Really? That seems… insanely low. Italy is not a cheap country (granted: I’ve mostly been in the northern parts, and tourists rarely get the best deals on anything!).

i see what your getting at here and i understand it but the parrying statement i believe is invalid because, well if youve ever played skyrim, you can block with any weapon in the game. im not sure about daggers but my point stands. they could implement a mechanic where blocking reduced the damage you take at the cost of weapon durability. sounds more fair to me

Well, I’m talking about net wages, excluding taxes (for the ISTAT, our national institute of statistics, average annual gross wages amount to 20k € ).

But you have also to consider there is a lot of differences in wages and cost of living between the northen and southern Italy. Northen has better wages and an higher cost of living than the south, wich is really cheaper but in the south is harder to find work in the first place.

And… well, like most of countries I visited, for-tourist-places are not cheap at all and generally they are avoided by autochthonouses :wink: we have a way to define them: “Trappole per turisti” (tourist traps) :money_mouth_face:

But we are a lot off topic here, what I meant to say is just I know why Funcom develops with a target in their mind wich is not the best technology as possible but the most-peoples-have technology, and I’m glad of it because if not I will be unable to play the game in a good way :stuck_out_tongue:


I see a few disagreements about how dark night can be and strangely enough they are all sometimes correct.
I was born shortly after the war, they were still reconnecting street lights even in the city and I have lived in the country near all my life and some nights are so dark that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. But hang on we have a Moon…
So some nights are almost as bright as day and simply because our dear moon reflects sunlight back at us.

Ok enough about night and how bright…

I have also played computer games as long as they have exhisted and so far I have yet to play a game without any bugs, remember Skyrim/Elderscrolls? It’s a game many are really fond of but it is also very famous for it’s bugs, like the flying mammoths joke, it’s no joke, I have seen them and the flying deer in this game is so regular that I think it might be a easter egg reference to Skyrim.
Either we play them or we complain, is your cup full or is it half empty kind of thing.
I just want them to help us a little more so those with poor eyesight can make the game a bit brighter, please.

Well man if you decide you want to stay, and play a new official server. We’ve launched one. (It’s not truly and official but as close as you’ll get )

Maybe you have bad eye sight. Go on a cave tour where they shut the lights out in a deep part of the cave as part of it. That is what true pitch black darkness looks (or rather doesn’t look) like. Even nights in field in the country side doesn’t get that dark.

Good luck on the trail (ie-the other side of the Cursed Wall) brother exile. The mutual help was great.

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Since Skyrim was brought into this:

It is possible to block with one-handed weapons and daggers, but they will be significantly less effective than using a shield or two-handed weapon.

The key point is, it’s very difficult and next to useless to block with a one-handed weapon or dagger. Two-handed weapons are better at it, because they are much larger.

As far as being in the countryside at night, with no moon at all, it is pretty damned dark. I see it quite commonly because I live in the countryside. On a full moon you can see pretty well once your eyes adjust. But when there is no moonlight at all? It’s a lot blacker than you think it is.

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Not saying it isn’t dark. It is, but you can still see your hand in front of your face.

You realize it is a full moon every single night in conan exiles, right?

You realize there is also weather and cloud cover in conan exiles, right?

I was talking about a clear night when I can see the moon in clear view, but the landscape and character are one indistinct black blob. Clouds had nothing to do with it.

Much of which is caused by your own settings, hardware and/or room lighting.

Besides, when it’s that dark in game, you pull out a torch. That’s what they are there for.

My TV is expertly tuned so that blacks are true black and colors are true to life. My gamma is set as high as it can go before causing white out, and the game lacks a stand alone brightness setting. I also play on a PS4 which has standardized hardware, so it is not an issue with obscure hardware.

The problem isn’t on my end.

Well frankly I’m thinking it’s a pebcak error, which most definitely is on your end.

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You have a little something on your nose there. :wink:

That’s funny coming from the person who when it gets dark wants the devs to make the night brighter instead of using the tools he was given to handle darkness.

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Okay, tell me how to drag a thrall and use a torch at the same time. Tell me how to use my two handed sword and a torch at the the same time.

And don’t say use a night eye potion. They glitch out half the time, and don’t say use an RNG mask which never dropped for me.

I did mention we could use a better solution for that earlier, didn’t I? Like maybe, I don’t know, fixing night eye potions so they actually work? Or maybe having a thrall carry a torch for you? Those are certainly better solutions than having the sun shine all the way through the planet making any sort of lighting implement completely pointless.

Because that is what I suggested, right? :roll_eyes:

Never mind that that I simply suggested night be brighter (still dark, but able to see) or suggested wearable torches like in Dragon’s Dogma.

DURR why not just use the randomly decided drop the game has never rolled for you?
Well gee, Mr. Genius, how do I equip the thing that I do not have and never dropped for me because it is randomly decided whether I get it or not?