I will never be "The Chosen of Asura"

I won’t when they come bearing spears or showering me with the gift of arrows…

Lol Barnes your a nut XD.

Anyone know how to check what the next title will be?

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The Chosen of Asura is the title for the reward.

A great initiative - Way to go to recognise the hours and hours of leisure time people have and will devote to helping improve this game and our experiences in the game.

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Right i know that one its one that i hope to some day acquire. (Cause my name means war and war is the chose :stuck_out_tongue: ) But like Barnes here has Hand of mitra and i’ve seen several other titles floating around.

All badges that can be gained. This link also tells you how many people have been given said badge. Such as the case of @Barnes who was the only person to be granted the Hand of Mitra title up to this point (in other words, we should fear the might of Mitra that is Barnes).

This link doesn’t indicate which badges grant what tiles though for some reason (I honestly haven’t looked into it much though). You can check to see if you were granted any titles by going to your account (where you set your profile picture) and looking under “Titles” in the drop down. Alternatively, you can click each badge that you have earned and it will indicate whether earning that badge granted a title or not.


Thanks Multi. Can always count on you to be helpful bro. ^^

Ah thanks for that one.
Seems to be buggy though. I got 238 days visited, but not the 100 counter. ^^

I think that one is 100 days consecutive rather then total days. I’m really not an expert on these badge things though. You could probably poke one of the community team members on Funcom’s staff for questions related to that stuff.

If I were to load your chests up with dung then ride, sorry…walk off into the horizon, would this negatively impact your newfound resolution?

Sorry Im warped, I couldnt help myself. I really dig your profile picture.

I like how there are titles.

I’m not jealous because not having a title allows me to be a dick within reason, without feeling like i am dragging my own accomplishements through the dirt.

I am not inherently a dick, just that I can get so passionate that my emotions are projected through expression. I need that sort of release.


Well said Hal, ya old wiener (Oida!)


I am sure some others could use some dung. Dung for all!

Woohoo. Tis better to give than recieve. Haha!

Dung does come from deep within. It’s a very personal gift.

Is it just me or is everyone just talking sh*:rofl:t?


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