I will pay you 10USD to give me the option of rolling back this patch

I offer the money as to take away the only reason not to offer players the ability to opt into this patch.
I am a SOLO player. I also play co-op with a friend and mess around on a PvP server.

I don’t care about the thralls (many do). I don’t care about the mounts (the update). I do care about running in quicksand (this update) and not being able to beat boss monsters (roll is useless now). All that you have done with this update to movement is to shift the meta. It solved very little and made the game unplayable for many.

If you wanted to nerf dodge (which I can get behind), make it cost more endurance. Limit it to light armor or give heavier armor more…armor. It was not equal before. But now its no better.

All that this patch has done for me combat wise is make dual daggers even more OP than it was before (because you can still dodge with those). Every other weapon, for me, is worthless now. Before that was most certainly not the case. I love this game. I loved this game. This patch just killed that.

At least offer your players a DLC to revert to the old values and game settings. I could care less about mounts and now actively hate them due to how they borked this game. I am presuming that the movement system was changed due to this.

Please. Revert or offer a opt out. I and many others would even pay you for it.


I’m sure someone will make a mod, just give it time.

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