I wonder if Funcom/Tencent

…has this new mode with the new stat, ferocity, as maybe a test run for a larger update which might have T7 to include the new stat?

Last time a new stat was added, critigation, it was an expansion with new tiers of armor, allowing them to go more sideways by adding critigation instead of having to continually pack stats up. Maybe the new tier has the gear with maybe only a 1% increase in stats such as strength or wisdom, but adding ferocity.

This would allow new areas, always wanted to add Nemedia with the entrace being the gate in borderlands, new instances, 6 mans, raids, with the new ferocity. Imagine new bosses, strategies, etc,. Talk about opening the game back up and earning big revenue. Funcom/Tencent, send me an email, I have some fantastic ideas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What does everybody think, yes?


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Before adding ferocity to anything else, they must make it worth something for mellee classes ! I mean, on par to what it’s worth for casters.


Wishful thinking. If Funcom planned to invest those millions needed in a new expansion, we would have heard about it at least through the investor reports.

I think we got all the expansion or new content that we are going to get for awhile. How long did it take? Since Slithering Chaos, I think.

I am not altogether fond of Onslaught, one reason is the lag I get because I must have full particles on. I am reserving full judgement (and review) until I’ve done a few more OS runs.