"I won't record, this will never work . . ."

Started a new game using the dedicated ser app, just venturing into the north with my small amount of 20 explosive arrows. I run across meteorites, grab 1, grab 2. The 3rd is bugged, the 4th is bugged. I save my very last arrow for a chance at a non bugged meteorite and walk upon the Frozen Slopes and spot . . 2, in fairly close proximity.

I decide to load poison gas arrows, I think they are far enough apart not to overlap. I shoot one, gas cloud. I shoot the other, separate gas cloud. I load my last explosive arrow and shoot it in between the two gas clouds . . .huge explosion, both meteorites crack.

Harvest city.

Always record when you try something silly, don’t be like me.


Good to know last time I busted one took 4 explosive arrows had a few poison arrows would not have tried. Appreciate the information.


One of my favorite speedrunners got a WR during a offnight practice run. He was thankfully recording as he follows that advice religiously.

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Everyone, I implore you: religiously run OBS and start your Replay Buffers before every session! There is just too much to lose.


I had no idea the game has atomized explosions… I do now…

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This is why a lot of people use oil or oil arrows 1st, then the explosive one. Chance to crack is closer to 100%.


Poison arrows won’t work my dear friend. You need gas orbs or acid arrows. The recipe for acid arrows can be claimed on the jhil caves. Specialist ammunition IV. Kate owns this recipe. You need volatile gland and black blood if I remember correctly, I have more than a year to fix them, they are not so useful on pve :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
If your orb does not break with one arrow then change position and aim spot, go around eventually it will brake. Plus try to focus on the explosion, most of the times that they do not break you will se the fire burning away from the stone, not on the stone. So acid arrows maybe help, maybe not, it’s not certain.
There is another way too very effective but it needs practice.
We can group to speak about it :wink:.

While things like Set arrows will not work, position gas arrows and an explosive arrow give a huge explosion.

Poison gas arrows are made at the carpenter bench with, mainly, iron arrows and gas orbs.

Edited to correct my inability to type on my phone. Sadface.

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Forgive me @Pugilist, I don’t pvp since 2.4 update, before Siptah release on Playstation, so I kinda forgot about gas arrows :man_shrugging:. Yes any gas made the explosion bigger and stop fire at once after the explosion. When I start in a server and my level is not enough, I use grease orbs (5), one demon fire orb and a gas orb to finish fire fast. I could use the water orb, yet I love the explosion :rofl::rofl::rofl:. On discord years ago Tephra said to me that grease orbs are useless, yet it works fine for me all these years, so I don’t change habits. After all it’s my materials to use them as I want to, isn’t it? Explosive arrows however are best in lots of reasons. Again, I want you to focus on fire after the rock won’t break with the first effort, you will witness that the fire is not burning on the rock but next to it, check it. I believe this is the “bug”, though we aim and shoot the rock, the arrow isn’t reaching it correctly, that’s why I change position and aim spot.

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