I would like the ability to control what version of the game I play

I realize I could only play with others on the same version. No problem
I realize I wouldn’t be able to play on Official servers. No Problem

I would rather play the game in it’s last version (pre-mount update) than anything that was patched, updated and added (including horses).

Funcom doesn’t understand or know what test live servers are for. They are not to update / test a new version of the game for 7 days before it goes live. You can’t fix any bugs in that time frame.

test live servers 4 weeks + would be ideal. Able to get feedback / bug reports and have time to actually do something about it. Let you customer base help guide you. Create / add what they want.
stop you from wasting time on money on things they don’t WANT.

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All I see from your poll is that 16% of people like the game… ummm I don’t know what you guys think but 16% of anything is Severe FAILURE.

Give us control of what version we play if you can’t have a proper test live time frame.

If this can’t be done does anyone know if (steam) updates can be controlled? I know you can delay it , I have done this in the past for others games. I didn’t think this update would be so bad that I should have proactively disable the update…

That’s a nifty idea! The Minecraft launcher lets you choose any previous version all the way back to the alpha versions. This might not be possible under the Steam platform, though…

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