I would like to thank Funcom

Wow, where do I start.

I must admit, when announced. I was a little sad that we weren’t receiving a true classic experience. Not sure who decided last minute to make this a classic experience but I want to personally thank them.

This must have been a huge undertaking, removing 18 years of advances in Point of Sale Systems, Online Transactions and Account Information. I once again, experienced what I did 18 years ago by paying for a game and not being able to play it. Simply amazing. This is a true classic experience.

So now, just like 18 years ago. I paid with my credit card, my account is still frozen. I’m watching all my friends being able to log in but I cannot. This time I’m seeing it on discord instead of AIM (AOL instant messager).

So I submitted a Support Ticket, 24 hours has passed. Still no reply. No idea how long it will take. Now, this is quite amazing. Either you totally understaffed your customer server department or you laid off some employees just so the classic experience would be preserved. I personally remember waiting days not knowing when my account problems would be fixed. If you had a fully staffed customer service departed that responded in a reasonable time-frame this just wouldn’t be a classic experience and it would ruin it for me.

So once again, thank you for allowing me to experience/relive this frustrating time in my child hood.


Quit whining, it’ll be resolved eventually. FC are probably faced with loads of technical issues right now with the amount of people that have recently subbed.

Yes, you were unlucky that your particular account was frozen while other people can happily play right now, but at least be a little understanding.

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Same issue here, getting internal error 500 when trying to active account

I’m sorry you misunderstood my message. I was glad that I was able to relive that experience. No whining what so ever.

No need to make excuses for a multi million dollar company that has the same ongoing issues.

Because all they want is our money… They start a new server… and killing the other server… and alot of player are not seeing it