Idea about a season pass

Well, since my english is a little rusty, I’ll try ro express myself the best I can.
Maybe it’s time to change the game model (dlc now and then) to a newer/funnier one, and I think a season pass is the best way to keep players and get new ones.
A season pass with a couple of free cosmetics for everyone (maybe some emotes, a cool torch, some points to spend into a season store with cool looking weapon or armor recipes, maybe new animals skins or horse/rhino saddles, carpets or banners, hairstyles or tattoos, the possibilites are infinite), and some more for the elite pass, would be awesome to keep people doing stuff after getting into endgame.
Maybe some ranking tables for clans in pvp and pve (against purges?).
But the thing that makes me think more and more about this, is the oportunity to get this game a turnaround about cheaters or hackers. Maybe every new season we could have a full stats reset and a wipe on the map, to start a new season from scratch but keeping our character and all our feats. Idk, just an idea, right now I can’t play so I’ve been thinking about this game a lot :smiley: GLHF.

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