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I love this game, and I love the town I’ve build. It does, however, seem pretty empty. I would love to have NPCs walk around town, talking to each other and doing small, everyday tasks.

I suggest that you introduce a new bench: the “Administrator’s Desk”. It would function just as any other workbench - you can enter it and “build” stuff, and you can place a thrall (I’d suggest a Taskmaster) in it, making it more efficient.

The “Administrator’s Desk” would be used to produce “Hearths”, that you could place in/amongst your buildings. “Hearths” would serve as motivation for NPCs to settle in your buildings (as long as you have made room for them). These NPCs would not be able fight, but they would produce a very small amount of basic resources of your chosing. In return, the NPCs wouldeat food from your Stove - if there’d be no food in the stove, you’d get no resources from the NPCs.

Chances to get NPCs would be better if you’d use your “Administrator’s Desk” to post letters to places like Sepermeru, Mounds of the Dead, and New Asagarth. Maybe you’d need a fighter/archer thrall to carry a letter … and maybe there’d be a chance the thrall would not return!

These NPCs would mainly be an aesthetic thing. If the town is attacked, they couldn’t be attacked directly (they’d have no hit box) - they would run away in fear, yes, but that would only be for visuals.
They could disappear, however, if their “hearths” were to be destroyed.

I know it’s a big change to the game, but I think players would really like it.

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I love the idea, but yeah, as you said, it’d be a big change. Adding extra moving characters would put a lot of additional strain on servers. And maybe the idea would be better suited for another kind of game instead of a barbarian survival game - even though many of us like to build colonies and towns etc. and populate them with NPC paper dollies, we’re basically stretching the intention of the game here. There’s no room for civilians in the Exiled Lands. This isn’t Sims - Barbarian Edition, after all.

But it’s not a bad concept for a mod or something. I just see it unlikely to find its way into the main game.

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