[Idea]: Armor affects aggro

Currently, we can wear whatever armor we want. And that’s a good thing. But for more of an immersive effect, what if we could have different zone NPCs react differently to whatever we are wearing?

Example: Sepermeru. Right now, we stroll the streets without a second thought (except for the bandits). What if that were only the case IF the player character (and thrall) wore Relic Hunter armor? If you wear Vanir or Lemurian armor, they would consider you an outsider and attack on sight. The same for New Asgarth or the Summoning Place or other major large zone.

Just a thought…

While it would improve immersion, I do think there’s a few flaws with the idea.

Sepermeru & Asagarth trade goods, so they aren’t actively hostile to one another.
A Relic Hunter outfit would work here to enter Asagarth peacefully.

The Summoning Place on the other hand is a rather exclusive club… a fair skinned Hyborian is probably going to arouse more than a little suspicion wearing Darfari garb.

The Lemurians are a relatively small and (I imagine) tight-knit group being refugees. Sneaking in, even with a disguise, would be difficult.

I can see it working for pirate and exiles camps easily though, either group will take anyone in. The same goes for the Dogs of the Desert, more or less.

This is funny :smiley:
Reminds me of the good ol’ Agent 47 changing clothes after being chased around and not being an eye-sore moments later, despite being “follicaly-challenged” and a barcode literally on his head.

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