Idea for a mod—how to begin?

I have an idea for a mod that, based on my admittedly limited google-fu, has actually not been done before. I certainly haven’t seen it in the Steam Workshop. If it does exist, please let me know so I can avoid the work!

Here’s the basic idea: diseases. Even in Conan’s world, people got sick. There you are, out in the elements, barely sleeping, always having to be on high alert, eating gods-know-what, delving into ancient ruins undisturbed for centuries, battling the undead…and don’t even get me started on the potential for infected wounds!

I want it to work similarly to Corruption, except once contracted, it’s a constant slow creep until it’s either cured or it kills you. Every wound (i.e., hit) has a very small chance of infection; this percentage chance would be reduced by ranks in Vitality and Survival. Infections could be cured by Herbal Tea, or Medicated Wraps.

There’s more, but it gets pretty in-depth and sounds a lot like scripting, which is well beyond my ken. Where do I go to learn about this? How do I get started? Any (useful) suggestions are welcome!

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What you are talking about would require a lot of blueprint code. If this is an area you are familiar with, I suggest hopping on the mod discord and going through the available guides and links, found via the pins in their appropriate discord channels.

Link here

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Sounds cool, I always liked games that had steps in between “fully functional” and “dead”. In most games (CE included) you can be at death’s door, (1 HP left) but still run, jump and fight as if you were uninjured. Which is okay, for the record, most games do it because HP is an easily understood abstraction of “damage taken”.

Yeah…I am utterly unfamiliar with “blueprint code”, whatever that even is. I’ll take a look, but I’m pretty sure that this is an idea that I’m not going to be able to make happen. Thanks though.

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