Idea for Survival Stuff

The intent of this post is to give you some ideas to improve your in-game survival experience.

First of all, sorry for the bad English I’m from Brazil.

I was thinking, instead of always treating the issue of biomes as a standard, how about trying to implement the issue of season of the year?

I’ll give just one example using winter so the post doesn’t get big, and the rest is up to everyone’s imagination.

We could have a winter week on the map, snow falling, few animals, cold weather, difficulty finding resources and food, we would have to keep the house always warm, a fireplace or fire burning. The weather issue would increase survival in the game, with few animals, and slow respawn.

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Would love to see a seasons system. While they’re at it, Funcom could also revamp the weather system we have, and make weather effects more cataclysmic in nature.
Covering the entire map in snow could also be a Christmas event for a week. Other games are doing it and it feels great.

We did have snow in siptah before… but it was a graphical bug :rofl::sob:

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