Idea for the new armor display that we got

Hello there!

First I am very happy and thankful we got an armor display, and one that looks so good! Could have been made fairly simple but you guys gave us one that looks unique and really nice!

But to the idea of mine. When I saw this armor display and its many joints, I got my hopes up it might even be poseable with the emotes that we have available to us in game. Sadly this was not the case but that is what my idea is.

Thanks to an update some time ago, we can make our followers emote, dance and pose.

I would love for this to be a feature for the Armor displays as well. A bit like Terracotta army where we can dress the armor displays with armor of our choice and have them decorate our bases and surrounding with poseable armor displays. “Custom statues” or making a display “scene” with the armor display carefully placed and planned out.

I know a lot of the emotes are in motion but I think just having one frame/pose of the emote being picked for the Armor display would be a simple and effect full solution to this to deliver a good effect.

I just wanted to share my thought and idea as an improvement to the already great looking Armor Display. Thanks for a great game Funcom and keep up the good work!

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