Idea! Thrall Sub-Classes?

ok so crafter thralls already have this, that should be obvious but I will explain.

Thrall Class: T1 Crafter
Sub-Class: Blacksmith

In the case of a T4 or Named thrall.

Thrall Class: T4 Crafter
Sub-Class: Blacksmith
Specialization: Edgesmith

Why not have this with the other thrall types? For reference and discussion here are a few hypothetical examples.

Thrall Class: Entertainer
Sub-Classes: Dancer, Musician, Storyteller

Thrall Class: Fighter
Sub-Classes: Duelist, Soldier, Gladiator, Barbarian

Thrall Class: Archer
Sub-Classes: Bowman, Crossbowman, Pitcher (Uses throwing weapons)

With that the T4 versions would have specializations based on their sub-class. I’m kind of shooting in the dark here but thought this could make for interesting content if the thralls were less generalized and more or less meant for specific duties. Let me know what you guys think.


How would that work with fighters/archers?
Like… Let’s have the gladiator, who’s main weapon is a short sword. Would that mean that he/she would have the “advertised” base damage multiplier, and with all other weapons it would do less damage?
Same with archers with bow-crossbow (bringing back crossbows would be cool).

Pitchers should use orbs too! So probably we could get the shrapnel, bee, glowing, blinding grenades and more (corrupting, knocking, bouncing, etc.).

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Your suggestion, for me, provide a glimpse to the future of this game, or an option devs may have. Without saying that maybe, they already have something like this (or similar) on the table for discussion for the evolution of the game . I totally support ideas that will give me more reasons to pve, totally. There for I support your idea 100%.
However I would love to give us some reasons, WHY, they should invest time and money to have this change in the future and HOW (?) do you think this “more” pve aspect, would not affect the pvp world of this game. Some fighters like Teimos and Ulrich (if I am not mistaken) exists in this game to balance the pve difficulty on the pvp world. There for, I see the creation of another specialization that already exists as a perk “Universal Warrior” and either pve and pvp players will seek the company of these thralls, either to start, either to continue the game.
Nice idea, it needs a lot of discussion for feedback I guess. I hope the forum members will embrace it, good luck m8 :+1:t6:.

I’m on board but it would take an approach aside from the faction one as it exists with faction determining stats.

This would not just effect PvE, the diverse dynamic of thralls with more specified stats will cause players on both sides to put more strategic thought into their choice of thrall usage. As it is now any thrall can be geared and used for almost any task, and usually end up being static defensive decorations. With a subclass system for thralls each thrall have specific usable gear and tasks. For example you might not want an archer that only throws fire orbs guarding on top of your outer wall.

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