Ideas for inclusion in the game

Hi i run a private pvp server. I would like to see a control added to enable me to set the event logs so everyone can view without having to mannually reset this each time i do a server reset.
I would like to be able to place a bed at each of my bases and be able to teleport to whichever when i died. Having one bed roll that can be placed anywhere is adequate.
I would like to see more dungeons harder thrall bosses and high end legendaries which dont get nerfed.
More variety in the types of mounts would be awesome as well as being able to take a second thrall with you while players have a horse.
There have been cages in game for athestic use only wouldnt it be good if you could capture other player characters i hate to say it but in atlas you can hang other players or decapitate them when this happens they lose experience points. Its fun.
More importantly, i would like existing bugs fixed and an improved optimisation for the game. For example the black keep skeleton thralls have mot dropped loot in ages where as before they dropped good loot.
Having a larger map biome and increasing the dangers around the map would be amazing.
Grappling hooks and other seige equipment maybe reintroducing the crossbow would add gameplay variety.
Funcom you have created an amazing game and i am certain whatever you guys have in mind to add in to the game in 2020 will be superb and i am looking forward to whats in store

This has been brought up many times.

Here is the most common response from both Funcom and other players:

A game needs to be fun for everyone, taking control of another player without their consent would not be fun for them. So while this could be implemented in a mod, it will never be in the base game.


Uh, how about NO.


That’s op, we had during early access the possibility to have as many beds as we wanted, and it was bad for server performances.

No, we need a big big nerf for thralls so that they are alligned with player stats. No more “pokemon barbarian edition”.

It’s fun for you, but what about who is at the receiving end? Also in atlas and ark you cannot kill yourself, so are you asking to remove the ability to remove the bracelet to suicide your character?

I would love to get crossbows back, but do you remember why those where taken out, right?

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