Ideas for New Spells

Hello Exiles

This post is about ideas for new spells for the sorcery component of the game.

I’ll get us started…

I think a spell that temporarily reveals where other players are on the map would be good. The casting ingredients could be very expensive, so that players can’t constantly spam it without great cost to themselves or something.

I would like to see more spells come into the game. What ideas do you have?

Please post serious answers only. No spells for “fixing bugs” etc lol.

I am genuinely interested in your ideas.


Animorph: take the form of a nearby animal/creature or last non humanoid kill to avoid/hide from enemies or enjoy the hunt.

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I’m not sure this is a good idea.

How “expensive” are we talking?
Because on official PvP servers, where this spell could be problematic, there is a 4× Harvest Multiplier, so almost nothing is expensive…

I would say again. I would like to have brighter magic torch - simple torches’ light is much better than magic one. I DON’T see a shit while using it. Yeah, i have both of my hand’s free but it makes me blinded target.

Not sure it still looks any good, but the option is there.
Now it’s a bit more annoying to get the Jhebbal religion on Siptah, but it’s not that hard either :+1:

Don’t forget about the dream dust

Indeed, but we are talking about magic, not potions and night-vision dust. Just another useless spell.

Also, some helmet from boss in UC that gives night vision.

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Under the hood, it’s not.

Yeah but snorting night vision is funnier.


I have literally read this post before a couple of months ago. Is this just another thread about the same horrendously brokenly bad idea? There is literally zero cost that is too high for any alpha clan and to then give them the ability to just magically see where everyone is on the map to grief them with zero effort on their part is just idiotic to an absurd level.


Oooh that is a fantastic idea! Nice!

And your idea is…??