Ideas for Re-balancing healing in game

I read the forums alot and see complaining about how healing is done in game.

Before the current state you had a constant regen function in game that did most of the healing, in truth this made the game to easy causing the move to the current state.

As it stands now you eat food or use potions/wraps to heal, at various rates unless you have the tier three vitality perk.

First and fore most being a survival game healing is a big deal. It shouldn’t ever be easy to do but obviously never impossible either. So lets go over some changes for it.

I would break healing down into two tiers. Wraps being tier 1 and easiest to come by. Potions would be Tier two (very powerful with a SEVERE draw back) from which you have two choices, A powerful health regen Potion, and powerful stamina REGEN potions each requiring there own lotus flowers for.

Bandages would work as they do now, (they need animation) with the first one being available with basic survival skill under the features list. The easiest bandage would simply cost 5 raw hide and 10 aloe. Next level up would be 5 Leather and 10 Aloe at level 20. The difference being in how long the healing effect is being extended past the bandaging animation finishing its self.

And lastly for bandages, using any bandage Should halt / reduce the bleeding effect stack.

Potions under this setup would carry a stack able regen bonus that could not be interrupted but also a stack able negative trait that drained a nutritional resource. The benefit while stackable would be subject to diminishing returns, (basically the bumps in healing rate would be less and less) but the negative trait would not be suffering from diminishing returns as it’s nutritional penalty builds up.

For the health potion the negative trait would be called Accelerated metabolism affecting food consumption.

For the stamina regen potion, the negative trait would be “cold sweats” and affects the body’s moisture count.

If you want to take the negative effects further, after say a three stack on the negative trait, add temperature modifiers, Accelerated Metabolism heats the body and Cold Sweats Chills the body. And yes it would be very easy to starve your self to death on this stuff.

I understand the question of Mitra’s Ambrosia in all this and under this system would simply offer a fixed regen effect with out a negative trait attached to it.

That’s it for now, don’t worry I will have more on this later.


Why was this not done right away, this is perfect!

I love that potions in this version are more powerful than mundane food, and dangerous, just like magic is supposed to be.

Alright adding to what I have said,

Using emotes in healing; Sit and Sleep, emotes.

First of all, for this to work a set of dedicated hot keys (pc version) would have to be added. My selection for this would be R F G T with R being preset to “sit.” Setting up the hot keys would be done from the inventory menu. It would simply have its own tab Emotes with the four central keys set at the bottom, the emotes above organized and color coded, dances one color religious emotes another color etc.

Alright starting with sit, when activated the character will be given a variable regeneration bonus based on two factors Survival attribute rating and your current nutritional score, hydration levels + survival attribute determine how fast the ticks come in, food score + survival rating determine how much you get back per tick.

Sleep would be used via beds or sleeping mats. You literally get into the bed / Mat and “sleep.” The screen dims and “shadows out,” during this time you get double the bonus from the sit emote.

Alright thats it for now.

Pretty good suggestion imo.