Ideas For The Next Saga Server - Combined PvP/PvP/RP-server


I meant what you said before. What you mentioned now is not what I honestly care sbout


But it was the same I typed there " *rewards like: Khitai vanity sets and tokens so you can buy it in case of bad.

Please type what you mean :wink:


The next Saga Server should be a solo event, so he/she can really show their capabilities and definitely no PvP! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No more Saga’s, please. All they do is divide the population and charge you for P2W. What’s wrong with Crom and Fury? As far as I recall, Fury “died”, with a lot of people coming to Crom. Why will Fury be any different when this Saga ends? I suppose the same thing will happen all over again, while players are buying things they don’t really need at the item shop when they could just directly start playing in Crom.

Better than another Saga would be merging Crom and Fury with the already suggested toggeable rune to enable/disable open-world PvP, or by replacing Epic instances with PvP.


I wont play any more saga with ZERO new content like this one. Its waste of time and money. I would glady support real content like a Dlc but just making wanne me buy things i already own i will give a fu…


I love Patosons suggestion. PvP instances like Epic.

Best suggestion of this thread. One server!

Oh and let’s get a PvP chat channel (RP too!!)


It has been suggested by other people before. I didn’t come up with it.

I just recalled that this rune could work just fine, just like Shield of the Risen, where, if you cancel it by right-clicking the buff, you remove it and can be hit by other players (as long as you are by a rezzpad and the shield doesn’t naturally expire). A permanent rune like those from the arena, given to everyone as a free claim, which can be cancelled by removing the buff (in order to attack other players), would be perfect (like the toggle mode in GTA Online).

The thing is people can still attack you with Shield of the Risen; they just can’t hurt you. Maybe making the rune act as being in a non-PvP area (blue names instead of red), so whoever has the rune on is blue to others (not attackable) and they would see everyone else blue, and not red. Seeing how this colour scheme bugs out in the PvP event, I’m not sure if this would work, but it’s another way of doing it.


Now that Funcom announced a new Conan game they have in development I fear that we wont be getting anything remotely new for this one


You mean this game? Conan Unconquered


There’s an upcoming rpg in works as well



Ideas for next Saga Server… hope nobody mind if I threw few things in mind.

It in effort to return to not only an interesting progression path, but also excitement that would benefit a theme of PvP, plus with PvE and RP to the addition as well to the new Saga-server idea how about the following…

One character-creation or minimum of one character per racial-archetype; meaning limited to 3 as [F2P] and 4 as [Subscription/Expansion], which spurns multiple Archetypes on one account. So for example you can create an Aquilonian-Soldier, but if so, then you cannot make a Cimmerian no Khitain-Soldier; if you created a Cimerian-Priest then you cannot make an Aquilonian nor Stygian-Priest, and so forth.

Return to the (suppose) rags and broken oars/wooden plank weapons as you wash up upon the beach of Tortage. By this meaning would accompany that no Starter-packs and Claims of any kind (No vanity, potions, elixirs, PvE nor PvP armors/weapons nor accessories) to be allowed or purchased from In-game Store.

Level-caps of to the character-level as such:

PvP enabled in Epic-regions/zones and a penalty-gain of no experience gain in normal-regions/zones, save quests. Apply a Saga-daily quests for the following; (1) for Pvp-kills minimum of 6+ to be increased along with the level-cap, (2) completion of kills toward enemy-npcs in an epic-region/zone, and (3) completion of ALL dungeons available within Saga progressed level-cap thresholds; daily-quests to reward character-level and PvP-level experience bonus elixirs/potions and A.A. bonus-aura/boons that are all stackable bonus with max multipler at three.

Each boss-ecounter within a dungeon offers one-relic towards PvE and PvP, with completion of Saga-quests rewarding additional relics along with elixirs/potions/bonuses.

1-19 (Allow two weeks)
20-39 (Allow two weeks)
40-69 (Allow two weeks)
70-79 (Allow two weeks)
79-80 (Allow two weeks)

Now where the fun stuff comes…

Saga-Raid Tier-One (Raid Tier- One of PvE/PvP Armors and Weapon are now unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow two to three weeks)

Only raid-tier one zones will be activated… Saga bi-daily quests will reflect as followed; Completion of Yakhmar’s Cave, Visitrix’s Lair, and Kylikki’s Crypt with a 48 hour lock; Completion Participation-quest of PvP-mini skrimishes daily; bi-daily PvP-event of the resource-regions in Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp, and Lacheish Plains generating priority based on racial-population kills; bi-daily PvE event [Unchained mode], example for those who are Cimmerians enter [Ampitheatre of Korutonia - Unchained], Aquilonians [Halls of Eternal Frost - Unchained], Stygians [Scorpion Caves - Unchained].

Sage-Raid Tier-Two (Raid Tier Two PvE/PvP Armors/Weapons are now unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow three weeks)

Raid-tier one will remain open and tier-two is now activated… Saga-quests will reflect as followed; retained the tier-one quests and then tier-two quest will follow for completion of Black Ring Citadel Wing-one, then Wing-two, then finally Central-Wing (aka Wing-three) all with a 48-lock upon completion.

[Warning] - tier-one completion must be turned in before continuation to tier-two wing-one and so-forth, there will be no deflection of order and they must be done and turned in order

… continued Saga-quests dailies of participation-completion of ALL PvP mini-skirmishes; Bi-daily PvP-event in resource-areas/zones of resource arms-race/prevention; addition to the bi-daily PvE-quests of Aquilonian with [Xibaluku - Unchained], Cimmerians with [Vile Nativity] and Stygians with [Caravan Raider Camp - Unchained]

[Warning] - Saga-Unchained quest requires that minimum of 4 each must be Aquilonians, Cimmerians, Stygian and not more than 2 Khitains in group when entering Unchained-zones for quest are specific to the racial.

Khitai-racial characters may join either racial-Unchained, but not more than one and limited to two in group.

Saga-Raid Tier Three (Raid-tier Three PvE/PvP Armors/Weapons are not unlocked in the Reliquary; Allow three weeks)

Once again continue as the previous, but with the addition of now to the Saga quest-line of tier-three, [Thoth Amon’s Stronghold]. Contuation of PvP-quest of PvP mini-skirmishes, and PvP-event of resource-region, but the [Unchained - mode] PvE-event quest will be replaced…

Saga-quest PvE-daily of [House of Crom - Threshold of the Divinity] will have you enter and complete the boss-encounters therein.

Saga-Raid tier House of Crom -Event/The Temple of Erlik (House of Crom/The Savage Coast of Turan is now unlocked)

In-game shop will be available for only purchasing a three-week passage for The Savage Coast of Turan Raid/Dungeon/Map-arena… this is the only thing available on Saga-server in the in-game Shop.

Saga-quests will reflect the following: Saga bi-daily quests of tier-one through 3 will continue; new Saga bi-daily PvE event quest for those to enter House of Crom and perform the summoning (details on how to perform the summoning will be given in the quest-details) and killing [The Lurker]; new Saga daily-PvP event of preventing summoning of [The Lurker] either Fields of the Dead, Cimmeria or Eiglophian Mountains, Cimmeria preventing the necessary gatherings for summon.

Sorry, need to take a break… will be back soon to finish my complete ideas for new-Saga for PvE, PvP, and RP