Ideas for weather mechanics for each map area

desert area = the good old sandstorms

jungle area = something similar to sandstorm with its mechanic but with massive cloud of flesh eating flys

green north area = rain and hail storm ( if you exposed you get your head explode by hail)

snowy area = snowstorm


There’s been several threads over the past few months that have brought up the same overall idea. However my only concern is how we would combat each of these new mechanics and at what cost?

For example level 30 you can craft a sand storm mask and nullify the threat of the storm. Prior to level 30, you could either take shelter or stay in the safety of the lower map area.

Would we have to craft an outfit with netting for the bug swarm or special clothing for the snow storm? By the time we are outfitted for all of the potential weather issues, we would be weighed down and spent a good amount of resources. Also as the mask does not become available until level 30, when would these new items be unlocked? This would make lower level players have an even harder time getting around the map.

In theory I love the idea, but I’m not for it in terms of practical application.

Well that’s my two cents anyway. If weather changes, we’ll all adapt.

hello everyone.
If FC implements a bug swarm, I would love to see it scared of fire.My little amazon swarmed by bugs, crawling everywhere, the torch in her hand is her only hope, she is hoping that the torch will stay a little longer…


It’d have to be a pretty huge hailstone to explode your head.

Hail would probably be done better as chip damage-over-time, based on the heaviness of your armor.

Heavy Armor – extremely minor
Medium Armor – somewhat more damaging
Light Armor – the most damaging of all

This way, you don’t require anything special to combat it.

As far as the flesh-eating flies, it would probably come across as a big annoyance like the constant rain is for people now. Just reason to ignore the area completely. Not good practice for a game.

Instead of flies, which seems only appropriate for a swamp or death field type biome, vampire bats popping out at night on occasion could be more devastating, while at the same time easier to combat. Just don’t go out at night in that biome.

Risk going out at night, and the bat frenzy could spawn. Lots of light could steer them away from you as a form of protection. One torch being a mild protection, a bonfire being the best portable protection, with being inside a structure as the best of all.

Volcano = active (lava bombs, increased lava flows from time to time, ash clouds that can suffocate the unprepared)

South River area = flooding (can encroach the banks and submerge low-lying structures – perhaps by a foot or two). Being a noob area, it shouldn’t be too challenging, but simply adding variety to the gaming experience.

Entire Map = meteor showers


Cool but Too much server strain for that to happen. Server tech arent there yet. It sux i know.

Honestly, I would settle for less rain in the Highlands biome, and blizzards in the Frozen North.

I’m not sure that I love the idea of accidentally walking out the door and watching my avatar’s head pop like a balloon, but it does create an amusing image in my mind…

Perhaps the Jungle could have a blinding rain that makes it hard to see more than a few meters in front of you, temporarily extinguishes standard/improvised torches, and disables climbing entirely, which is detrimental in an area with so many vertical surfaces.

And then in the North, maybe we can get a snow storm that increases the cold rating for that respective area, makes surfaces slippery (must have climbing gear to climb in a snow storm), and reduces visibility.

the effects of the jungle bug storm in my mind would look like the sandstorm fuzzy screen effect…but in black color…as if theres lots of tiny black flys all over…and when you in the open you lose hp as if they biting ur flesh… hail storm idea would work also like that…if you not in full cover you will lose hp as if you get hit on the head till u cant bare it anymore ( already got dicapitated by sandstorm once…so getting ur head blown up by hail can already happen and it would be intresting flavor to living in the green north)… all weather stuf i mentioned would move just like the sanstorm (the jungle bugs storm incoming would be indicated by faint buzzing noise like distenced flys and the same dark marks of the wind direction that there is already with the sandstorm and about snowstorm…just take the sandstorm and make it white…there you have snowstorm… up there in the north

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