Ideas how to improve community interaction

Dear community manager’s

First of all I would like to thank you for all your efforts and replies you bring into this forums, your job is really important for us being here and I bet it is not always easy to do it and stay calm while at it :slight_smile:

In another thread, as writing about the way you communicate I came up with what I would like to see, maybe others here can come up with their ideas as well.

Newsletter and Live-streams

I personally do not like the newsletter and live-streams to be mostly, if not exclusively about content updates while there are still major issues to solve, but that is me other might like it.

Those, I assume, are great marketing tools for you to promote new (paid) content and show the rest of the world how the game is progressing. Also I understand that we all benefit if you are successful with this game and we as player profit from new players who like this game and keep playing it.

So I could keep this format up.

Weekly bugfix newsletter

Once a week, maybe around Friday you could put a newsletter or thread out stating the situation in the Bug-Hunting department, maybe even let one of the devs write something about how they do it and what the challenges are.

This could be your opportunity to inform us about how far along you are and what problems you are currently adressing as well as calling for help in order to reproduce or test stuff to help you find the bugs.

Around the weekend would be great since many of us would have 2 days trying to help you with information

Weekly updates (fixes)

I would like to see you releasing small fixes about every week, no more big mega-patches (some here seem to share my opinion) but small fixes we can verfy.
This could be on Live or Testlive and if you would not make it to say latest Thursday then you could post an announcement informing us about that with some background as to why (weekly bugfix newsletter).

Personally I am no big fan of sticky post like the last one announcing some TestLive build this week, while I write this post it is Thursday evening CET, which still not shows or any info given.

This brings me to the conclusion that you might release it tomorrow, which would be fine I guess given it is TestLive or maybe you inform us tomorrow it will be delayed.

Suggestion newsletter:

On Mondays I would propose something like a Suggestion newsletter were you could poll us on things that caught your eye.
The community could discuss in this thread about likes and dislikes and you could get feedback out of it, while you catch up with the latest bug-reports.

You could also extend your suggestion list in a way where you list things you do not approve of or simply are not doable (mounts) so we in the community could refer to such statements if users ask/suggest them.


You are not out there alone, we are here to help you, maybe sometimes in strange ways, to improve this game and making it a success.
I believe almost all of us are aware that there will be compromise at the end but I feel we could work together even more that is why I proposed those things :slight_smile:

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