Ideas ideas drop em

  • Change the server list (out dated)
    -fix twitch drops can’t even make 2 years ago armour and possibly add them to bazar? For people who missed out on the one when siptah came out
  • more twitch drops (better) this years is weak low hours
  • balance weapons make legendary weapons useful again change there perks
    -give horses more hp/ make them a tad bit more viable for pvp the spear 2-3 shooting them off is good but you can’t have you losing full stam too when jumping off. Have one or the other and make them a bit buffed in health
  • same goes with animals I think 5–6k on health for everything is fine but giving them different aspects/attributes that make them all good in their own way.
  • making the game free to play online even if you don’t have ps plus or Xbox live. Like you guys have battle pass and bazar plus dlc and still want people to pay for member ship and base game? It’s either you implement that or make base game a tad cheaper even 15-30
  • 2 ways to add back character transfer either they make where you can only cross characters from the same map or they add events/ ways to make both maps have both armours and weapons so it’s fair for people that don’t have siptah(yet) and then that way there’s more to do on both maps in a way
    -need better base spots for siptah. There’s very limited in structure game base spots or caves. Everything is like tower bases that are kinda hard to defend especially for smaller clans.
    To be honest this game only needs balance and dealing with the exploits.

Besides being perma banned( which should honestly never happen) and the ban “meta” the pvp is fun again . Fix also people going through buildings that’s kinda running sht stealing from benches which is annoying.

They just need to focus on pop growth and sustaining it after they fix the major exploits and meshing. And maybe have 2 staff go more in depth with banning people and no wonder should ever be perma banned it shows how lazy devs are. Just get a couple of people to judge non biased on if it’s actually worth the ban even if it takes awhile for people to get banned I doubt they really get that many reports.

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