Ideas to Balance Mounted Combat

ATTRIBUTES: Make it possible for a player to be knocked from their mount upon taking damage. Assign an attribute that reduces this risk, preferably Agility.

TOOLS: Add snares to the tools category in survival feats, add bolas to the skirmisher category of weapon feats. These items should immobilize mounts, pets, wildlife and thralls for a short duration without causing any damage. Snares would be able to immobilize players, bolas would not. Snare effectiveness/duration scales with the Survival attribute, bolas with Accuracy.

From what I’ve seen in PvP, there’s no real disadvantage for being mounted. Let’s say that at zero points in Agility, the player has a 40% chance of being thrown from their horse when they take damage. Now I have to weigh out the pros and cons of sacrificing Vitality points, for example, to stay on my horse.

Snares would have to a bit heavy and I would add a short animation to setting them up to prevent spamming during combat. You could even add bola or net arrows to a specialist ammo recipe.

Bolas have no effect on player characters because it’s too easy to exploit.

The basic idea is that the player character should have to be skilled at horseback riding in order to be good at mounted combat. On the other side, non-horsed player characters should have to be skilled in the tools necessary to take on mounted opponents while on foot.


Nice ideas, however. What I have seen at my time here at Exiles, there is a group of players who just want item tier and pet system above everything else.

Combat at this game is pretty much fake. (I have seen some youtubers who have nice skills anyhow…) This bunch seem to care how much armor you and your mount has or how higher tier your weapons is. Which simply means you dont need the skills… Braindead…

Only a few players like us care for attributes, skills , timing and gaming.

Good luck friend.

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ATTRIBUTES: Make it possible for a player to be knocked from their mount upon taking damage. Assign an attribute that reduces this risk, preferably Agility.

I would actually vote to make this stat dependent on Survival, to give it more of a combat purpose, so players would need to use points in Survival if they want to specialize in mounted combat.

Bolas and Snares

I’d love to see Bolas and Snares to protect against Mounted Combat, I’d like to see Bolas do significant Stamina damage to the horse, so while it wouldn’t stop a horse that just start sprinting, if the opponent charged you with too low of stamina, you can throw a bola to dismount them before they hit you by draining their stamina.

Snares I would like, but I think Grease Orbs could be used to fill this niche, causing horses to slip, stop or rotate when they cross over it.


Historically One of the most effective weapon used against horses were Caltrops. Spears against a horse can still the spearman’s bones.

Anyhow…I do not wish to repeat my earlier comment above. Combat system, now, caters carebearing and weekend warriorship. I dont expect anything served for anyone who is after real combat balance at all.

If we could get more players who are intersted in both pve and pvp combat, based on gamer skills (from other games) the developers most probably would change their mind and listen to them.

It is about marketing…

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Good tweaks, thank you.

How about we left it alone and let FUncom decide how to screw up the PvE side.


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